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What I got this week

glass arrow swag pack letter from kristen simmons

 retribution mara dyer signed mara dyer signature


I found out this week that all first editions are signed. So I ordered one from Amazon! I was a little disappointed that the signature was on a blank page instead of the title page, but oh well.


  • Glass Arrow swag pack: Signed bookmark, magnet, wolf charm, clover charm, arrowhead charm, cedar candle, and a personal note from the fabulous Kristen Simmons! THANK YOU KRISTEN! <3 (Seriously, it was like Christmas when I opened this!)

From the pub:

So…this is book 18 in the series. I haven’t even read the first book :(


Weekly Recap

Posts on the blog:


I didn’t have a review for Friday because I was in a bit of a book slump last week (Symbiont just wasn’t doing it for me). Then Friday night I downloaded the Hearthfire add-on for Skyrim, and have since been glued to the Xbox (seriously, I was up til 2:30 am on Friday playing). You can build your own house and do whatever you want to it, it’s SO addicting! Soo I kinda forgot about posting this yesterday >.>

I’m almost done with The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong, so I should be back to my usual schedule next week! Expect to see my gushing, disjointed review for Endsinger this week for the blog tour as well!


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3 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (41)

  1. Awww your personalized message from Kristen is so sweet! Nice swag pack!

    I tried reading Parasite but I don’t think I got even 40 pages in. Just read too slow for me. ):

    I hope this week is better for you Jessi! <3

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

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