Life of a Blogger: 10 Things I’ll Never Do

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on November 20, 2014 | 5 Comments


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Last week’s topic: Unpopular opinions

This week’s topic: 10 things I’ll never do

Topic suggested by Nikki @ Fiction Freak
  1. Smoke cigarettes
  2. Touch a tarantula
  3. Eat sauerkraut
  4. Live in Alaska (or anywhere cold for that matter)
  5. Work in the food industry
  6. Own less than 2 cats
  7. Own more than 3 dogs
  8. Climb Mount Everest (again with the cold)
  9. Be a clown for Halloween
  10. Work at another job I hate
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Jessi (Geo)

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5 responses to “Life of a Blogger: 10 Things I’ll Never Do

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve smoked a cigarette…probably never will again. I also will never willingly touch a tarantula, and probably the same with sauerkraut (ugh!). I’d love to visit Alaska, but yeah, I’d hate to live there as well!
    3 dogs is a lot..I used to have three! They were a handful :) But I can never own a cat because I am just too allergic :(
    Clowns suck!
    Haha nice list Jessi! XD

  2. This is a fun topic!

    There are a lot of things I will never do. I don’t think I would eat sauerkraut, either, or other things like veal or venison. Yuck! Ooo, Or cottage Cheese. No thank you!

    I will never sky dive or bungee jump, or so anything wild like that. I just couldn’t ever do that, but I don’t feel badly about it.

  3. My mom and brother both live in Alaska. I have more snow and colder temps in Ohio they do in Anchorage. It’s on the water, so it doesn’t get as cold as some of the interior does. Also, pretty far south (at least for Alaska). It isn’t like this every year, but this year and last year, lower forty eight had worse winter.

    I’ll never live in heat again. I lived in Georgia until I moved away for college. Never again.
    I’ve never touched a tarantula either. No.
    I have no desire to climb Everest or most extreme mountain climbing. I have a fear of falling.
    I will never sky dive. I don’t see the point of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.
    Bungee jump, I won’t say no, but probably not. That whole fear of falling thing.
    I won’t eat sauerkraut either. That stuff smells horrible. How could it taste good?
    I also won’t eat oysters, squid, fish eggs. I’m really picky about fish. I’ve tried stuff other than just fish and haven’t liked any of it. I’ll just stick with fish from now on.

  4. Haha I’m so with you in the cold. I stupidly smoked for about 6 months when I was working in hospitality. It was so stupid, not just because its smoking but the reason? Because I wanted the smoke breaks! Yeah, dumb teenager (19). Thankfully I had the good sense to quit after just 6 months or so and I literally was so NOT addicted that I just never smoked again. So good for you not being dumb! And I will never own less than 1 dog for sure – hopefully someday I’ll have two.

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