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Remember how last week I said I was taking control of my health issues? Well, I had my first step this week with an eye exam. I found out I have astigmatism (which is just a really fancy term for “blurry vision that costs a lot of money to correct”) and got a prescription for glasses. Doctor visits stress me out to begin with, so it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I was having a really hard time finding a pair of frames that I liked that would fit my face. I had multiple choices (and one that I wanted VERY badly), but the lens fitter guy kept rejecting them because they didn’t work for my face. I was getting really stressed out, so I kinda just settled for a pair that fit right. They aren’t bad, but I’m not 100% happy with them. I also found out my insurance will only cover $200, so I had to pay $190 out of pocket for them. I was not happy about that – money is tight as it is with the house bills to pay. *sigh* Being an adult sucks =/

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4 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (30)

  1. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads

    Thanks for the link love — glad I’m not the only one :). I hear you on glasses being freaking expensive! I don’t have astigmatism, but my prescription is quite high, so I have to get high index lenses so that they’re not an inch thick, which really ups the cost. Hope your glasses help you to feel better :)

  2. I think any eye term heard at the optometrists can be translated to “blurry vision that costs a lot to correct”! I have the same issues with my insurance; I only get $150 a year for everything and all else is out of pocket. Being an adult really does suck sometimes! But at least your eyes will be better :D I notice I get less headaches when I have the right prescription contacts in as compared to wearing my glasses that are a few steps lower than I need. They really will help, even if it’s expensive!

  3. Stephanie H.

    I completely understand the headache of glasses. I’ve been wearing them since I was 6 and contacts since I was 11. If you didn’t know, your doctor can give you a prescription and then you can buy the frames anywhere that sells them. Since I would go through frames so fast when I was younger we would get them at Wal-Mart because they were so much cheaper. I haven’t gotten them there for years, but they used to have a pretty decent selection. Now that I wear contacts and my prescription has stopped changing, I don’t get new frames very often. I’ve had my current ones for about 5 years. I paid a little extra for them, but love them!

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