Heartbeat Weekly (100): 2 month haul & book signing recaps

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September Haul


  • Beauty & the Beast mirror (Hot Topic)
  • September Owlcrate “Magical Creatures” box
  • September Fairyloot “All That Sass” box
  • September Nerdy Post Pixar & Dreamworks box
  • Tattoos from Bookmark’d Tattoos
  • An Ember in the Ashes mirror from OwlCrate (BST site)



  • Flick the Wick: Alice’s Adventures, Bookshop Cafe, Night Triumphant, Hobbitses, custom @novelheartbeat candle (THANK YOU Angeline for making my candle dreams come true!! I also rep for her now so you can use my code JESSI10 to save 10%!)
  • Muggle Library (now MLC Co!): Book Boutique, Hobbit’s Hole, The Thirteen, Pumpkin Juice, Parseltongue
  • House Pride candle from Geeky Girl Scents
  • The Leaky Cauldron candle from Angry Hare Co
  • Potions box from Hollow Candle Co – Bewitched Minds, Ensnared Senses, Bottled Fame, Brewed Glory with wand, art print, tattoo, & tea


  • Umbridge cat plates
  • Obscurus candle from Seven Hearts Wax Co
  • Candles from Wickworms: Dog-Eared Pages, Book Hangover, Second of the Thirteen, 300 Fox Way, The Reaper, Moon Festival, Smaug

I traded candles for all of these!





  • Futterwacken candle from Happy Piranha (you can use my code NOVELH to save 10%!)

From the Bardugo signing


October Haul


  • October Fairyloot “Villainous” box
  • October Flick the Wick “School of Wizardry” box
  • September BiblioFlames “Inherited Curses & Sinister Magic” box
  • Ink & Wonder woodmarks



  • Flick the Wick: The North Remembers, Nymeria, Sword in the Darkness, Khaleesi’s Dragons
  • BiblioFlames: Mollywobble’s Cooking, Kerah & Chainsaw, Dreams of Weep
  • Belle & Co: Blue, Arya, Mia, Manon, Eo’s Dream

Funko pops

  • Jon Snow (with scars)
  • Drogon
  • Ghost
  • Arya Stark
  • Daenarys Targaryen x2
  • Tormund Giantsbane

Funny story: The white dress Dany was actually meant for a custom Funko of Sarai from Strange the Dreamer! She was harder to find and costed more (I think I paid $25 for her), but after I binged GoT I couldn’t bear to destroy her XD

Mark the Page Godsgrave box

  • Godsgrave UK paperback
  • Tote from Ink & Wonder
  • Bath salts
  • Don Tric candle from
  • Two sided bookmark
  • Art print from TJ Lubrano
  • Godsgrave print

I loved every single item in this box (although I didn’t care about the book because I have like 6 other copies), and it was beautiful, but I was honestly disappointed. I paid $70 for it after shipping and to be frank it wasn’t worth $50 for the box (which is what it costed before shipping) for what was in there =/


  • Lady Blackbeak custom 8 oz from Flick the Wick
  • Muggle Library candles (now MLC & Co!): Chaol, Master of Caraval, Jewel of Bharata, Autumn Court, Free Elf, the Sorting


Rep stuff


  • September Shelflove Crate “Space Explorers” box (from @cbookaddiction!)

From publisher/for promotion


  • The Last Magician swag & signed bookplate (THANK YOU HOPE!)

From the Stiefvater signing

Leigh Bardugo recap

When: Tuesday, September 26th
Joseph Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati OH

This event was CRAZY! I showed up late and there were so many people crowded into the tiny area that there was no standing room left. They usually have the author on the stairs and people stand on the floor all around the bookshop so everyone can see. This time they had chairs in a TINY space, so there were barely any seats, and the standing room was limited due to the bookshelves. I have no idea why they did it that way, it was such a horrible set up. I was so far back that I could barely see Leigh -___- I could barely even hear her sometimes, so even though Leigh is hilarious the panel wasn’t all that exciting for me because I was struggling to understand what she was saying the whole time.

I brought a custom King of Scars candle that I threw together at the last minute to give to Leigh! I was SO nervous that I was shaking when I tried to take the photo of her holding it. And it was super uncomfortable too, because when I asked her if I could take the photo, like a dummy I said it was for my shop. I wasn’t planning to list it on my website, I just wanted it for myself. Leigh got all weird and said she’s not allowed to do anything that makes it look like she’s promoting (which I totally understand, but still) so I almost didn’t get the photo of her at all! And she doesn’t look very happy in it *sigh* (She also didn’t seem very enthused about the candle but I’m sure she’s so used to getting gifts that maybe it doesn’t faze her anymore…) I was kind of disappointed by the whole interaction to be honest because I was so excited to give it to her.

Honestly, the highlight of my night was seeing Kristen Simmons! She’s local so I typically bump into her at most JB signings. She’s become a wonderful friend of mine! I made her a candle too, called The Glass Arrow (my fave of her books!) and she LOVED it! She also brought me an ARC of her upcoming book, Pacifica, I almost died! I’m so excited for that book!! KRISTEN YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST *cries*

Maggie Stiefvater recap

When: Saturday, October 21st
 Joseph Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati OH

This event was packed too, and set up in the same ridiculously horrible way that the Bardugo one was, but I thankfully arrived early enough to get a decent standing spot behind the chairs! (Still too late for the chairs, though.)

Maggie was HILARIOUS! She had so many insane stories to tell and she’s so wry that you can’t help but hang on to her every word. And she played the bagpipes for us!!!

Like with Leigh, I brought her a candle I made! I gave her a Greywaren one.

I also got to hang out with my bookstagram bestie Katie (@readerrewind) and meet Anna (@annareadsbooks). Talking crap with them was kind of the highlight of my night, it was so much fun to hang out with those ladies!

What I’ve been up to

Honestly, it’s been a crazy couple of months! I’ve been so busy. I feel like I’m perpetually behind on everything (hence why this is a two month recap >.<). I also went to YALLfest last week, but I’ll have that recap in the November haul & recap post!

The only really exciting news I have is that I was added on as a @flickthewick rep as well as chosen for a @shelflovecrate rep on bookstagram! YAY!! These are both positions that I wanted very badly and I’m so excited to promote both amazing companies!

I also had several sub box orders for candles! I was in the November Whimsify and Enchanted Book Box and I’ll be in a new box for December!

In other news, I FINALLY watched Game of Thrones and OH MY GOD I’M SO ADDICTED. I legit binged all seven seasons (which is like 67 hours of it heh) in exactly two weeks. Oops?

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

Jessi (Geo)

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  1. SO MANY PRETTIES. I hope you enjoy! I’m falling behind in all kinds of things – mostly IRL. *sigh* Vehicle recall? Yeah….five months later….

    Congrats on your rep positions! That’s totally awesome!

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