Trying to Explain YA to Someone Who Doesn’t Read

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on November 19, 2014 | 8 Comments

Recently one of my bosses asked about my recent trip to Charleston. Hilarity ensued and I just had to share.

“Young Adult? How old are you?”
“Aren’t you a little old for that?”
“There’s bloggers that are in their 40s!”
“But isn’t it called YOUNG adult?”
“It’s not called Young Adult because it’s meant for young adults. It’s called that because the age of the characters is at the young adult level.”
“So, you’re a pedo then? You like ’em young?”*

*please note that he was totally joking when he said that!

“Young Adult? What books are Young Adult?”
*cringes because you don’t even want to say what you’re about to say, but know it’s the only thing they’ll actually know about*
“It’s like, um…Twilight…”
“Oh, so you like vampires?”
“Well, not really…”
“Werewolves, then?”
“I mean, yeah, I guess…”
“So you like boy werewolves?”
“I don’t like romance stories.”
“So, what, you like the dark stuff?”
*nods awkwardly*

“Ok, so what’s the last book you read?”
“It’s called Endsinger.”
“What was it about?”
“It’s a high fantasy with Japanese culture and a gryphon!”
“What does the gryphon do? Speak?” (pretty sure he was being facetious when he said that)
“….yes, actually.”
*dubious look* “Ok, what else does he do?”
“Well, he talks…and flies….”
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It’s totally awkward trying to explain something you loved to someone who won’t get it. BECAUSE HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FANGIRL WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT FANGIRLING IS?! Despite assuming that I’m too old for YA, I couldn’t even be offended because he just has no clue haha. XD

Jessi (Geo)

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8 responses to “Trying to Explain YA to Someone Who Doesn’t Read

  1. Oh my god that spoiler bit is hilarious! Your boss actually sounds kind of awesome :D I haven’t experienced this too much, because I avoid talking about books unless it’s with my sister or other bloggers, and only my sister because she humors me no matter how crazy I get.

  2. Been there, felt that. I cringed and giggled at the same time because… yeah, these questions and others revolving that… ME WANTZ TO FANGIRL… And peeps don’t even know what it is… And oh, PEDO! Been called a pedi not only because of YA but also because I like shonen anime/manga and boys are usually 15-17 *awkward… awkward much!* Sad, but this is such a true scenario orz

  3. I really hate that when I describe what type of books I like, I always have to reference to Twilight/Hunger Games. Then there like,” Ooh so you like read kids books.” Me: *Twitches* People really don’t understand my love for YA.

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