Heartbeat Weekly (53): Kristen Simmons signing!

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Books I got this week

book haul

glass arrow signed Fairest Marissa Meyer signed girl at midnight

From the signing:

I made this awesome bracelet out of the Glass Arrow charms I won a couple months ago!

Made this to wear to the signing tonight!! #bookswag #glassarrow #kristensimmons #hemp #jewelry #handmade #charmbracelet   A photo posted by Jessi Larie (@novelheartbeat) on



When I won the Glass Arrow charms way back then, Kristen was awesome enough to throw in a copy of her book when it came out! YOU ROCK, KRISTEN!! I got a little bit misty when I read her little note in the book! *smushes Kristen*


I missed the Lunar Ball event last weekend because I had to work, so I emailed Joseph Beth and asked that they hold a signed copy for me. I was really surprised to find that they got it personalized for me, too! Joseph Beth rocks!!


THANK YOU ALYSSA!! You rock my socks <3

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Today is the last day of the Love for Books Readathon! I’ve been tracking my progress in the kick off post. I’ve read over 1,000 pages! I’m not sure I’ll be able to meet my goal, though – I wanted to finish 4 books and I’m still in the middle of book 3. We shall see! You can look for the final wrap up on the blog tomorrow :)

Kristen Simmons signing

I left work early on Tuesday night to head down to Joseph Beth in Cincinnati to see Kristen Simmons! Ahhh!!! I was SO excited to see her, because it was kind of like meeting her for the first time! (I met her once last year, but it was before I’d read anything by her, and before I developed a friendship with her.) She recognized me by sight and gave me a hug! I had a special gift to give her: On the ARC tour of Glass Arrow, I asked that everyone who read it leave a personal note to her, as well as leave little notes throughout the book (favorite quotes, reactions, etc.). She loved it!

I really enjoyed the panel! Kristen read a few meaningful passages from the story and talked about her inspiration. She read her favorite quote – which made me squee, because it’s my favorite one too! She talked about what it is to be a woman in society and how that was a strong tone throughout the story. About how it shouldn’t matter what we wear or how we look – that we shouldn’t be just a number. We should be judged based on who we are.

A few things I learned during the panel:

  • Kristen has history in social work and the mental health industry
  • Brax was originally supposed to be named Jax – until she was watching SoA and realized she didn’t want him to have the same name as Charlie Hunnam’s character!
  • Aya’s name means “bird”
  • If she could pick her dream cast for Aya, it would be Santana from Glee (Naya Rivera)
  • It took her ten years to get published! (I admire her for her perseverance!)
  • She also briefly mentioned Metaltown, her upcoming book! CAN’T WAIT.
  • I asked her if she cried while writing the ending (because I cried while reading it!) and she said, yes. Yes she did. It was ugly.

Kristen was gracious and adorable and it was awesome to see her in person! I waited in line until the very end because I had 6 books to get signed and most everyone else only had 1 or 2. (I had 4 copies of Glass Arrow for giveaways/gifts lol!) Oh, and there were these adorable Glass Arrow cookies!

Look at the adorable Glass Arrow themed cookies! #glassarrow #kristensimmons #booknerd

A photo posted by Jessi Larie (@novelheartbeat) on

Mindee Arnett was there, too! I wish I’d have known that, since I don’t have The Nightmare Dilemma signed yet. I forgot that she is local to the area, and frequents JB! Oh well, there’s always next time ;)


What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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11 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (53): Kristen Simmons signing!

  1. Reanna

    Looks like you had another amazing week, Jessi! I think the ARC tour you did was really sweet and thoughtful. And I love the bracelet! You’re so talented :)

  2. What a nice idea to let bloggers write something sweet in the back of that ARC. It must be amazing to receive such a gift as an author :D Cool bracelet and I love all the signed books you have there. Fairest was a great story. Happy reading!


    I wonder what it’s like to be able to go to signings haha. But you sound like you had such a good time and I was totally there beside you talking your ear off in spirit! I haven’t read anything from Kristen Simmons but I REALLY want to [because of YOUUUUU]

    FAIREST IS <3333 I am a HUGE Lunartic so I may be biased but *shrugs* IT'S JUST GOOD ALRIGHT

  4. I’m so happy that Kristen loved the blogger notes! I’m reading The Glass Arrow right now and I don’t want it to end! I need to finish the Article 5 series after this (which is equally amazing).

    Love that you were able to get a personalized copy of Fairest, I still need to buy a copy!

    Looks like you had a great bookish week. Take care Jessi!

  5. I’m so glad you got to give Kristen the book with all our notes :) That was such a great idea on your part!! This was such fun thing to participate it, we will definitely have to do it again with another book.

  6. I love the ARC tour idea! That is so sweet, and I’m sure every author would appreciate something like that. :P

    I’ve heard some different things about The Orphan Queen but I’m excited to get my hands on it! Hopefully some time soon. :) Awesome haul as always, Jessi! And your charm bracelet is amaaaaazing. You’re so artistic.

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