Audiobook Recommendations

In the past year or two I’ve really started getting into audiobooks more and more! There’s been times where the audio 100% saved a book for me, or I loved it even more because of the narrators. I’m always looking for new ones to obsess over, so if there’s any you love feel free to send me your own recs!

Favorite audiobooks

All of these are 5 star audiobooks!



Favorite narrators

  • Steve West
  • Bahni Turpin
  • Erin Spencer
  • Lincoln Hoppe
  • John Curless
  • Carla Corvo
  • MacLeod Andrews
  • Suzy Jackson
  • Will Damron

Other audiobooks I really enjoyed

These were not quite 5 star audiobooks, but still 4-4.5 star ones!


Audio Re-reads

I also really love re-reading books via audio, to free up more time to physically read ARCs and review books. Here are all the books I’ve re-read on audio (I enjoyed them all except Strange the Dreamer, Steve West narrating 5-year-old Minya ruined it for me >.<):




I’ve actually listened to Illuminae twice and Gemina three times XD

Books I didn’t like with awesome narration

Here are some audiobooks where I loved the narrators but didn’t love the story! (Actually, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it through the books at all without the fabulous narration – with the exception of Spin the Dawn, which I did DNF and it broke my heart)