Heartbeat Weekly (12)

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 19, 2014 | 8 Comments


For review:
Landry Park by Bethany Hagen
Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott


 According to Goodreads, I’m already a book behind on my challenge…and that’s after lowering my goal 25 books from last year. *sighs* But, on the bright side, I may not have to do one review a week. I’ve got my ‘personal read’ reviews scheduled for Mondays, and I have so many upcoming review copy releases that I have to squeeze those reviews in, too. They will be up on Fridays, so I will have 2 reviews a week for a while. Yay!
Same old, same old. Dealing with crap at work, freezing my ass off in the cold weather…you know. I did start my new work schedule, though, which gives me 3 days off in a row! Yippee!

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8 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (12)

  1. Aww hang in there girl! YOUR DESIGN BUSINESS IS ON THE HORIZON!!

    I really hope you like Fire & Flood. I just finished it and really liked it! I now want a Pandora. But there’s this one gnarly scene with leeches that I desperately want to claw out of my memory.

  2. This is like the tenth blog where I’ve seen Fire & Flood. Everyone seems to be loving this one and I still haven’t read a Victoria Scott book yet so I’m going to need to start really soon with either this book or her Collector series. Enjoy Landry Park, too, because that cover is so nice. Happy reading, Jessi! Good luck at work though sorry that you’re dealing with all that bullshit :( *hugs*

    • I haven’t either! I so need to read The Collector, but I’m afraid of the hype monster and from the quotes I think I’d despise Dante. But I will someday haha!

  3. Ooh awesome books! I read Landry Park and really liked it! Hopefully you do too! And Fire and Flood, got that one. Hopefully that’s exciting. :D
    *hugs* Have an AWESOME week Jessi! Hopefully the yummy books you read will make up for the troubles in life.

    XOXO, Inky

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