Life of a Blogger: The Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done

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So okay, I haven’t really done that many crazy things. Although some people would consider randomly driving 8 hours to a book signing crazy, I suppose! :D

The craziest thing I’ve ever done, and the one of the greatest experiences of my life, was SKYDIVING! Yes, I went skydiving. Here’s the proof:

5569_250043610524_2346413_n5569_250038560524_8269289_n 5569_250038580524_955756_n 5569_250038570524_6559434_nPlease don’t mind my crazy yellow hair.

I went for my 21st birthday with my best friend Mel. It was an incredible experience! Was I nervous? Nope! I actually love heights. But it was a hell of an adrenaline rush jumping out of the plane, that’s for sure! It was crazy windy up there, so it was nearly uncomfortable until the parachute was deployed, but it was amazing! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being up in the clouds. I would LOVE to do it again! If you missed my Life of a Blogger: Career post, I actually considered being a skydive instructor because I enjoyed the experience so much. They get paid $30 a jump! Get paid to jump out of a plane all day? Yes please!!

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about the craziest thing you’ve ever done and link up! I encourage you all to participate ;)

Ideally, I want this to become meme style with many other bloggers participating so we can learn more about as many bloggers as possible! I’m sure it will take some time, but I hope you guys will be interested in joining. 

Next week’s topic: Celebrity crushes

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30 responses to “Life of a Blogger: The Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done

  1. Ahh holy Cow!!!!! I always admire people who are brave enough to do this. I’m not entirely afraid of heights – but heights and skydiving are two totally different dimensions! Ilooks awesome though :)))

  2. I am incredibly scared of heights but I really want to go skydiving! That looks amazing. Pretty sure I’d be crying before I jump lol.

  3. That is seriously crazy. I think the only time I could be convinced to jump from plane is if it was life or death. I cannot deal with heights (climbing a ladder is scary enough). Glad you enjoyed it though! I would be an experience to remember :)

  4. Wow, that is amazing!!!! I could never do something like that because of my low pressure, but I admit it looks like a wonderful experience!

  5. Ann

    OMG!! That is sooo courageous! I want to skydive one day, but I haven’t gathered up enough courage. The only thing that comes close to this is zip lining and that is small beans next to this.

  6. I went skydiving too and LOVED the experience. I would totally go again! I can’t believe they make $30 a jump. Not too shabby of a career path!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  7. That’s awesome! I’m way too big of a wimp to do something like that. The craziest thing I think I’ve ever done was probably go on a roller coaster. I’m not exactly a thrill seeker. :-)


    Okay nerd moment over. I WANT TO GO SKYDIVING SO BADDDD!!! ACK. IT is going to happen. It’s so cool that you got to do this. Haha I was wondering if this was going to be what your post was about. Lol. And whoa! You were blonde! That’s so cool! :D Adrenaline rush!!

    Xoxo, Inky

    • OMG yeah! I didn’t even think about it! That’s awesome :D

      WE SHOULD GO TOGETHER SOME DAY. Yes, I was blonde…against my better judgement haha. And yep, it’s a crazy adrenaline rush! I would totally do it again!

  9. Sam

    I’m so jealous that you got to go skydiving! I always thought I would and considered it in my late-teen years and I REALLY wish I would have gone then. Now, in my mid-twenties, I have developed a fear of heights. It’s still something I would love to try, but I honestly don’t know if I could work up the nerve! Glad you enjoyed it so much though! Looks like a blast!!

  10. SOOO COOL!!! I’ve never done this, but it would be cool to at some point. I’d totally be scared as hell beforehand though lol! But I think it would be such a cool experience. Looks fun!

  11. I would never be brave enough to do that – I’m so not daring! How cool though and such an awesome experience to have to look back at. Looks like you had fun – my pictures would probably have a look if sheer terror on them. Lol

  12. Trayche

    THIS IS SUPER CRAZY! :D I want to do all these crazy things and jumps and stuff but I’m scared of heights so… But it seems like you had a lot of fun!

  13. That’s so cool that you went skydiving! I’d probably never be able to do that and be so scared to jump out of a plane haha. But that’s so cool that you did get to do that. It would definitely be AMAZING if you got paid to jump out of a plane everyday with other people, although I can imagine what they might have to deal with though, especially if some people are super scared of doing it.

  14. Oh my gosh! I think that’s completely crazy, but that’s because I’m terrified of heights. It looks like you had a blast, though–I love the pictures!

  15. You are SO brave for doing this Jessi. If I was you, I’ll be screaming all the way up and all the way down. I’m terribly scared of heights ha ha. :P

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