Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Could Re-read Forever

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Okay, so I kind of cheated here because there’s actually 11 books. But I went for my top three series!

The Wayfarer Redemption

This series is very special to me for a lot of reasons. It was my first for a lot of things – first long series, first High Fantasy, first foray into the world of books with steamy scenes, and also my first favorites. It’s very nostalgic to me! I’ve read the first 3 books (the original trilogy) at least three times, and the rest of the series 2 or 3 times. I love this world. I love the characters, I love the heartbreak, LOVE it. It’s got really bad reviews on Goodreads, and perhaps I wouldn’t have liked it if I’d read it for the first time when I was older, but this series will always hold a special place in my heart! I could totally re-read it over and over again!

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The Lotus War

This series stole the place of The Wayfarer Redemption as my all time favorite series! This is also the series that got me hooked on Jay Kristoff (who is now my favorite author!). Words cannot describe how much I love this series. I recently re-read it, actually, and it was even better the second time! SO MANY FEELS! I don’t think I could ever get sick of reading these books. I want to crawl into the pages and live there. (Except maybe the last quarter of Endsinger, heh)

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The Illuminae Files

Dude, these books are epic!! I cannot WAIT to get my hands on Obsidio!! I actually have re-read these as well. I’ve both read them and listened to them. I’ve actually listened to Gemina twice, because it’s soooo good! In this case, I could listen to them forever. They are my all time favorite audiobooks!

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