2013 Challenges Overview

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To be honest, I took on far too many challenges this year and set my goals far too high. I had a hard time even keeping track of them! Next year I’m going to limit myself to 4 challenges maximum!

Overall: 4/7 challenges completed

Hosted by The Book Nympho & Hot Listens

Goal: 5 
Not Completed (4/5)

Books listened to:



Hosted by Hobbitsies

Goal: 10
Completed (and far exceeded the goal!)

Books read:



Hosted by The Blog of Erised

Goal: 20 books
Completed (and far exceeded the goal!)

Books read:




Hosted by Novel Heartbeat and Megan Likes Books

Goal: 3 books from each category
Not completed – epic fail!

Demons: none
As you can see, I only completed 3 out of 11 categories, and in most I only read one book. Unfortunately, this one was an MASSIVE fail! I definitely won’t be trying that one again! (Megan and I have decided not to host in 2014 anyway)

Hosted by me!

Goal: 30



Hosted by Chick Loves Lit

Goal: 10



Hosted by IceyBooks and I Like These Books

Goal: 15
Not completed (14/15)


How did you guys do on your challenges for 2012? Feel free to leave a link :)

Jessi (Geo)

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8 responses to “2013 Challenges Overview

  1. I’m not even trying to look at all of the books that I was supposed to keep track of for the various reading challenges I was going to be a part of this year, except for the Goodreads challenge. But, it looks to me like you still did pretty good, despite the fact that you may not have met a couple of them in the ways that you were hoping. You still read some fantastic books and I loved looking through this post. :)

  2. Wow I’m glad that you completed so many of your challenges! I haven’t done a reading challenge in so long, and I think I’m going to start off early with only two challenges (your sequel and prequel challenge being one of them, duh!) but congrats for finishing a good amount of them! I probably couldn’t even finish half of the amount that you did, haha. Good job, Jessi! I hope you get to finish all of your challenges for next year <33

  3. .You didn’t bad on most of them! I mean, two of them were almost completed too :D. It’s a shame you can’t finish them quickly. I wasn’t planning on participating in many reading challenges next year, but since I completed them all in 2013.. I went for it, haha.

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