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Erasing Time by C.J. Hill ($0.99 for Kindle)
The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise ($1.99 for Kindle)
Mockingjay Pin (movie version) – funny story, I ordered a pin for someone and accidentally selected 2 at checkout instead of one. So I kept one for myself!
ADORABLE handmade fox from KagawaCrafts. I’ve been dying to own one of Julie’s little clay creations, and I finally snagged one! <333
Stormdancer and Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff
THANK YOU ASHLEY!! She was my Merp Secret Santa :)


 Are you on Book Blogging yet? It’s an awesome new system just for book bloggers, made by the fabulous Ashley @ Nose Graze
Also, don’t forget to sign up for the 2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge!
 Freezing my ass off? Ha. It’s been down in the teens and single digits here, and I have to work in the crap =/
On the bright side, I’ve got ALL my Christmas shopping done! Woo hoo! Most of them are wrapped, too. *feels accomplished*

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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12 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (8)

  1. Ooh! Merp Squad is so cool! Congrats on the epic books. Your week certainly has been eventful, so there’s that. Haha. I’m checking out your challege right now!


    – Nova

  2. Sweet! My presents went out yesterday and I really hope the person I get will be excited when they get my Secret Satna :) But otherwise, this Secret Santa thing is absolutely awesome! I hope you enjoy Stormdancer and Kinslayer, those covers look bootiful next to each other. <3 Super jealous of that Julie Kagawa creature too! <33

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