Heartbeat Weekly (97): March & April Haul

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March haul


  • March Nerdy Post
  • Niffler Funko Pop





Brittany was awesome enough to do a candle trade with me! Thanks Brittany!


  • Caraval tote from OwlCrate
  • Donut chapstick
  • Playing card notebook

Thank you Nicole @fearyourex for these goodies, you’re the best!

Rep stuff

  • Baby Got Stacks tote by Pivot Book Totes
  • March Illumicrate
  • February Bookish Box

My code for Illumicrate is still good for next quarter’s box, it’s JESSI10!

From the publisher

For bookstagram tours


April haul


  • Gryffindor mug (Meijer)
  • April Fairyloot (my first ever box, and it was amazing!)
  • #bookstagram, Illuminae, & ADSOM bookmarks from Little Inklings


I went a *tiny* bit candle crazy in April >.>



  • Hufflepuff, Love Potion, & Beast candles // Angeline from Flick the Wick
  • The Traveler, Deadly Sunrise, and custom @novelheartbeat candle (aka THE BEST CANDLE THAT EVER FREAKING EXISTED) // Ashley from Muggle Library Candles
  • Fairy Tale & Fantasy candles // Rachael from Flickering Tales
  • Room of Requirement & Dumbledore’s Password // Corinna from Luna Love
  • Captain Hook & Bow Ties are Cool // Jess from Flickering Fandoms

Thank you to my amazing candle babes for all the trades! Love you ladies! (There’s a shot of the GORGEOUS custom candle Ashley made for me on my bookstagram!)

Rep stuff

From the publisher

For bookstagram

Weekly Recap

Posts on the blog:

Blog news:

I’ve basically all but given up blogging. I don’t have much drive to do it anymore, honestly. I also don’t have free time anymore (as you can see, I’m 3 months behind on posting a freaking haul) with a full time job AND the candle shop. And no one reads it anymore, anyway. It makes me really sad…

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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2 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (97): March & April Haul

  1. I’m super sad to see you haven’t posted in a while, and that you don’t have time for blogging much anymore. Since I left Rosie Reads, it seems all my favorite blogs are falling off the internet. *sad face* But I hope you are doing well, and that IF you find the time and motivation to come back, you will. Until then, best wishes!

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