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Big thanks to Harper for these!! I actually put Far Dawn and Undead With Benefits up for trade on the YA Book Exchange because I haven’t read the first books (Sanctum already had several copies…if you want it let me know!). I’ve also already read Deliverance. Funny story: My parents found this package in their side door that they never check, so who knows how long they’ve been sitting there. I’m pretty sure they’ve all been released by now >.<

From the library:

Weekly Recap

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What I’ve been up to this week:

I got my glasses!! Putting them on for the first time was really weird. They’re awkward and uncomfortable – not because of the feeling on my face, I’m so used to sunglasses that it doesn’t bother me – but because I can’t glance any direction like I used to. I have to turn my head to look at things dead on or they don’t work right. I get a really strong sense of vertigo if I look around too fast, or look down, or tilt my head. It’s extremely annoying. And I have big blind spots on the side. But, it is nice to see! They make all the difference in the world when I’m reading anything or looking at my phone/computer/tablet! I think I just need to get used to wearing them. I will probably look into getting contacts asap though!

I also dyed my hair dark brown and bright ass fuschia/pink. I posted a picture on Instagram!

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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8 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (31)

  1. Ooo brown and pink, that sounds fun! I’m happy you like your glasses. I started wearing glasses again after like five years of nothing but contacts, the glasses made me feel like I was in a fishbowl for the first week!

    And I need to go participate in that insta love discussion, have a good week!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

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