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Books I got this week

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From the library:


I got all of these (except Talon) for YALLfest next weekend :D I was supposed to get Fractured as well, but for some reason it didn’t come, even though I ordered it at the same time…

I also got In the Afterlight, but I had to return it because the top front of the dust cover was JACKED. It was severely creased and above the crease it was all rippled like it had water damage or something. I should have taken a picture of it!

Weekly Recap

Posts on the blog:

Favorite posts this week:

Blog news:

I’M GOING TO YALLFEST AGAIN!!!! AHHHH! I honestly wasn’t even thinking about going this year, but then I had this random whim to see who was going to be there (I think I may have been looking for one of the author’s appearances), and I realized – HOLY SHIT, LAINI TAYLOR?! And Sarah Fine? And Alexandra Bracken – I reaaally want to get The Darkest Minds series signed, because I am loving the first book! Mostly I’m going for Laini. I’ve been wanting to meet her forever!

And the best part? I GET TO MEET OCTAVIA!!! We decided to drive down together since we’re only a few hours apart (both in Ohio, on opposite sides of the state). EEEEP!!! I am SO stoked, you guys! I’m really hoping that Amanda (Confessions of a Bookie Monster) can join us, but she’s not sure yet!

Are any of you guys going?! If you are, maybe we can meet up! I know Jessica @ a GREAT Read will be there too. I’ll be posting a few YALLfest tips this week, so stay tuned for that :)

What I’ve been up to this week:

Same old, same old! Nothing exciting here. I didn’t do shit for Halloween, sadly. We didn’t even pass out candy *hides in shame* Work has been crazy this week for some reason, but that’s ok! I like to stay busy, and it gets me more hours :D

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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3 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (38)

  1. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

    Written in Red is so good! I’m reading the sequel (Murder of Crows) right now. I love Kagawa’s Iron Fey series so I think I’m going to check out Talon soon. Happy reading!

  2. Omigosh Laini Taylor! That would be so awesome to meet her!!!! I finally read Dreams of Gods and Monsters this summer, and love love loved that series SO much! Hope you have an amaaaaaaaaaazing time at YALLfest and I can’t wait to read all about it!

  3. I’ve checked our Written in Red from the Library twice now and haven’t managed to read it :/ I still want to – but I hope you have better luck than I have.

    So exciting about YALLfest. I admit, I never heard of it before now, but still it sounds like fun. The best part is you get to meet blogger buddies! Have a blast!

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