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Books I got this week

book haul signedsignings2

 Queen of the Tearling Mila 2.0 BZRK 


I got all 8 of these books for around $55 from Book Outlet, and that’s with $10 in shipping (2 separate orders, I’m an idiot). They were all $4.99 with the exception of Don’t You Wish, which was $8.99. All of them are signed except for The Rising! Thank you Octavia for introducing me to this awesome website!! The signed ones are all brand new. The Rising was in the dent and scratch section, but even that is in awesome condition! There’s a teeny tiny tear on the top of the spine and a slight crease on the front and that’s it. I’ve had brand new Amazon orders come in the mail in worse condition!

Weekly Recap

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What I’ve been up to this week:

Freezing my ass off? Lol. The weather in Ohio has taken a nosedive this week. It’s been in the 30’s-40’s during the day, and as low as the 20’s at night. I am SO not ready for winter :(

Other than that, nothing exciting has happened. Work, work, and more work! I’m still trying to get my library put together. I have officially run out of space on my tall shelves, and I’ve been stressing about what to do. If I add more shelves, I have to give up my bean bag chair and thus my little reading corner D:
(Either way, I WILL make a library tour, I promise! My iPhone 6 is on its way, so I will have something to film with!)

I had a bit of a setback this week, though – I was getting my smaller shelf from my parents’ house (I’m going to try again to separate my signed copies!), and as I was going out the door I tripped and fell, hard, dropping my bookshelf. It broke into pieces, splintering the wood past repair. Unfortunately I can’t really afford to replace it right now :(
Seriously, I am the most accident prone person ever. Remember a couple weeks ago? (Bruised tailbone, literal whiplash, deep puncture wound from dog bite, cat scratches on my boob…) My knees are KILLING me. They took the brunt of the fall, and I scraped them up really bad. Especially the right knee, there’s about a 2″ round patch of missing skin. What the hell, man? I haven’t scraped my knees since I was a little kid. It’s ridiculous. I would have laughed at myself if I hadn’t been so damn pissed about ruining my precious shelf.

Also, as I was leaving work yesterday I smacked my dog once, hard, for disobedience. The parking lot was empty (or so I thought) and my car was blocking the view from the main road. (Because people get really weird about anyone smacking a dog.) Turns out there was a car behind me at the other end of the parking lot, and when I drove around to the dumpster to dump the trash, the car followed me. All the way around the building. Then proceeded to drive really slow past me. Maybe I’m paranoid, but with the fact that there were two exits where he was and he chose to drive all the way around, I’m pretty sure he took down my plates. It would really piss me off if he reported me for dog abuse or something. But guess what? I took his plates too. He reports me for something I didn’t do, I’m returning the favor.
Let’s get something straight: I love animals. I have worked with animals for nearly 8 years. I do NOT abuse my dog, thank you very much. I discipline her when she is a bad dog, and that’s why she minds me 95% of the time. There is a huge difference between abuse and discipline. (Go to Google and search ‘dog abuse.’ Horrifying, isn’t it? I could show you a picture of my Zenith and she would look beautiful, healthy, whole, happy. I post pictures of her on Instagram sometimes. My dog has zero physical injuries and a friendly disposition because guess what? I don’t abuse her. The only torture I shell out is stuffing the poor thing into a ridiculous Superdog outfit.) People spank children when they’re bad, yes? So how is it any different to spank a dog? Why the hell do people go off the deep end and start crying ‘abuse’ when you physically reprimand a dog? I could understand if I was out there freaking wailing on my dog over and over again, but I smacked her ONCE. And you know what? She obeyed after that.

**Quick disclaimer, since it’s a controversial subject: I know that someone somewhere is going to be offended by this, there are plenty of people that are offended by spanking children. (I actually thought about not posting this part, but I really want to rant about it and it is my space, thank you very much) It’s a difference of opinion, and I’m not sorry for having mine. If you feel the need to belittle me for this opinion, go somewhere else.

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11 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (40)

  1. OOooh very nice! Love Victoria Scott’s books! Still need to read the Warrior in her Dante Walker trilogy! Queen of Tearling is another I can’t wait to read! I had ordered it this past week, but it was delayed for reasons unknown! So frustrating when that happens! Hope you enjoy all your signed reads! And the unsigned ones too of course! Yay for signed books!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I think spanking shouldn’t be such a problem. It really depends on the situation and the strength, but I remember that I always put my fingers into sockets and I just wouldn’t listen. So one day my father grabbed my hand and gave it a little smack; I never touched those sockets again. It was a dangerous situation and I was obviously too stubborn to listen to reasons, haha. It’s always a difficult subject to talk about though, because like you said, a lot of people seem to be sensitive for this topic. But you are right, it’s your blog and you should rant about it if you want!

    I’m sorry to hear about your fall and the broken bookshelf :(

  3. I couldn’t agree more! I think a big part of the problem with so many kids nowadays is that everyone has confused abuse and discipline.

    I need to checkout this book site, but not until January because I’m almost out of money in my book budget for this year! Enjoy your new reads and good luck with the library! Sorry about the shelves – I’m as clumsy as you (it seems) so I can easily imagine the same thing happening to me.

    • YES. Agreed!

      Haha yeah, I’ve been forcing myself to stay away from it. I’m broke now and I definitely don’t need to be putting books on the credit card >.< It's okay, I bought a new one!

  4. I’m sorry you fell and both broke your bookshelf and your skins! No fun.

    I am always a little creeped out with what people think it’s OK for them to stick their noses into. I’ve had a woman scream at me when I was telling my son (who was then 3 years old) in an angry voice that he HAD to hold my hand, if not he would not be coming to the park. We were walking next to a busy road, and he tried to run away from me, and I was afraid he’d fall onto the street. This woman was telling me off, saying I shouldn’t talk like that to a small child :O

    You got lots of great-looking books this week, I hope you’ll enjoy them all. And that there will be a new bookshelf for you in the near futur.

    • WTF? You’re a better person than me, cuz I would have told her right where to shove it! I would definitely have said something about it not being any of her damn business how I discipline my children. That’s ridiculous!

  5. I work in a bookstore where you would THINK parents would want their kids to be very respectful and quiet. NOPE. I see countless parents let their kids run loose, or they don’t tell them to be quiet when they start screaming. The new thing now is “deflection” — instead of saying no, tell the child what they SHOULD do. How about your just tell them no?! What’s so wrong with that?! My mom used to spank me with a wooden spoon (never hard; just enough to let me know I wasn’t to do what I’d done again), and I’ve grown up happy and healthy. I was never abused, but my parents made sure I behaved well in public.

    The SAME goes for animals. If it’s misbehaving, teach it the right thing to do. There’s nothing wrong with that. These people who won’t discipline their kids and pets are the ones who are going to have a hard time raising a mature child/pet. They get worse when they get older! Sigh. This is making me very angry, lol.

    Sorry about your knees and your shelves. :( That’s such a bummer. I’m always nervous about breaking my bookshelves because I have bookcases from IKEA and there isn’t an IKEA in my state. I’d have to drive 4 hours to the nearest one!

    • Ugh, don’t bring them in if they can’t be quiet! Hell no. When I have kids, if they start screaming we’re going back to the car. And they won’t go with me anywhere for a while. I’ll wait to run my errands until their dad is home to watch them, thank you very much. Deflection? What the hell? People are WAY too sensitive about discipline. I think that’s why the younger generation is full of disrespectful assholes. And see, that’s perfectly fine. When my parents were kids, they got the paddle!

      YES. A puppy that growls over a food bowl is going to be a dog that will rip a child’s face off for coming too close to the food. People don’t understand that!! I see videos online where a dog will be snarling hardcore and baring its teeth over a toy or something while the owner laughs and keeps reaching for it. Not good behavior!! And people shouldn’t be condoning that behavior. It’s those dogs that make working in a kennel a nightmare. Dogs that are annoying in a home are EXTREMELY stressful in a boarding situation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bitten, scratched, pulled down, jumped on, and sometimes even peed on because people don’t do shit with their dogs. And the best ones are the ones that are all “Oh, my dog isn’t aggressive” or “Wow, he’s never done THAT before” (growling at someone), or my personal favorite, “He’s just smiling.” Yes, there are dogs that smile, but if there’s growling accompanying it, it is definitely not smiling you moron!!

      Wow, that ended up being longer than I intended haha.

      Holy crap! Mine are just the cheap ones from Walmart, but they look nice and they do the job XD

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