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I actually had this exact same discussion during Horror October two years ago! Here’s the post where I talk about 5 villains I love and 5 villains I hate. While some of them will always be on the top of my list, I wanted to choose some new villains for this post as I’ve discovered some more to add to my list in the past year! Instead of separating love and hate, I’ll do a mixed list!

1. Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

Okay, so Kylo is totally a guilty pleasure for me because I love him. I think Adam Driver is hella sexy and I love the tall dark and tortured atmosphere he has going for him (plus his scar makes him even sexier #sorrynotsorry). I almost had a coronary in The Shirtless Scene. View Spoiler » While I do think he’s a bit of a spoiled brat, I also think he’s misunderstood. I would love to see Rey turn him to the light! Also I neeed them to be together. #TeamReylo

2. AIDAN (The Illuminae Files)

Okay, I have NO idea how AIDAN didn’t make it on my list last year. I absolutely love him!! He’s another villain that’s more toward an anti-hero. He did a lot of terrible things, but he’s a great villain because he believes in his cause. He did it for the good of the many, and he does have redeeming qualities. Plus he’s a sarcastic cinnamon roll of an AI and he’s awesome.

3. Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

I just want to smack that smug ass smile off her stupid face.

There haven’t been many villains in history that I hated more than Cersei. Actually, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. I think I hate her even more than Dolores Umbridge. I despise her with the fire of a thousand suns. I kept hoping she’d die, View Spoiler »

4. Thanos (Marvel Universe)

I think part of what makes Thanos so terrifying is he truly believes that his cause is righteous. He honestly thinks he’s doing the world a favor by killing off half of the population. View Spoiler »

5. Savitar (The Flash)

At the first introduction of Savitar, he seems like a true god and purely invincible. And he is terrifying. It seems impossible to stop him and change the future View Spoiler » I remember the days when Reverse Flash seemed an impossible adversary, then Zoom after him. Zoom was pretty scary and seemed invincible, but Savitar took it to a whole ‘nother level!

In truth, in the end I actually felt sorry for Savitar. View Spoiler »

As it turns out, the Thinker was even worse than Savitar on the impossible villains range, but Savitar is still my favorite.

6. Skathis, God of Beasts (Strange the Dreamer)

Graphic from Hodderscape

The memory of Skathis was always terrifying in Strange the Dreamer, but the glimpses we get of the younger version of him in Muse only solidify that image. He was absolutely terrible, and even worse, ambitious. Ambition without a conscious is a scary thing, indeed.

7. Paxton McCreary (The 100)

McCreary is honestly such a hatable character that I can’t see how anyone could like him. He doesn’t have a compelling backstory, he’s just evil for the sake of  being evil. View Spoiler »

8. River Shara (Even the Darkest Stars)

Even though he was kind of despicable at times, I was drawn to him throughout the whole book! River is more of an anti-hero than an actual villain, and through most of the book he even seems to be kind of good. View Spoiler »

9. Erik Killmonger (Black Panther)

Okay, I’m a shallow creature and I must confess that 75% of the reason why I adore him is because he’s pretty to look at. BUT, he’s also a tortured soul and I find myself drawn to those types of villains.  The ones with an interesting and compelling backstory that makes them relatable even as they do totally nasty things. With his tragic backstory it’s easy to see why he turned out the way he did. It made me crave redemption for him! View Spoiler »

10. Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)

Okay, so Hela is a total badass and I have some hardcore outfit envy, but in all seriousness the fact that she’s so remorseless over the death of her own father, and has no qualms about killing her own brother (and adopted brother, not that she sees him that way) makes her a pretty scary villain. Plus can we please talk about how she took out an entire army all on her own in like 5 minutes?! RUN. AWAY.

Do you agree with anyone on this list? Who are some of your favorite villains? Which one do you love most? Which one do you hate most?

Jessi (Geo)

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