Heartbeat Weekly (96): 2017 haul so far

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Two month haul



Okay so I actually bought Feversong specifically for the signing I was planning to attend. Karen had to reschedule because she was sick, then she cancelled because she was still sick. Then the decided to go ahead and schedule it again for the following week and I was 100% planning to attend and then I FREAKING FORGOT. Guys, I was SO pissed at myself!! I’m still salty I missed it. She doesn’t do many appearances :(


All from S6, left to right


All from S6, left to right


  • From the Melting Library: Manon, The Trees Speak Latin, Welcome to Hogwarts, and I actually also ordered Restricted Section but got Red London instead (already spoke with Raquel, she said she’d fix it)
  • From Seven Hearts Wax Co: 12 Grimmauld Place & Always body spray (not pictured)
  • From BiblioFlames: Gryffindor Common Room, Amortentia, Felix Felicis
  • From Angry Hare Co: Dumbledore’s Questionable Intentions, Newt’s Misplaced Suitcase

TML candles are hit or miss for me. I love the first three but don’t like the last (hence why I didn’t order it). I really love all of the others – I’m friends with the last 3 shop owners and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Very personable and kind people and their candles are AWESOME! I’m obsessed with the Always spray from 7H. I wish I’d have bought a bigger bottle! I rep for BiblioFlames but I still buy from Miranda because I cannot get enough of her candles, she’s my new fave candle shop! <3

Other stuff

Free stuff


A huge thank you to Storygram Tours, Tor, Macmillan, Royal Social Media & B.T. Gottfried!

Rep stuff:

  • January Musicals themed Bookish Box
  • Cozy Bookshop & Night Court (not pictured) candles from BiblioFlames
  • An Ember in the Ashes bookmark from Little Inklings Design – I didn’t win the rep search but she sent runners up free bookmarks!
  • Pick a Wand & A Cart Full of Candy candles from Kozy Korner


I won all of this from @caylareads on Instagram! <3

  • A Bookish Love Affair candle from The Melting Library (not gonna lie, smells like straight baby wipes)
  • Beauty and the Beast stickers from Nerdy Grl Designs
  • Bookmarks from Lexy Olivia: custom Instagram handle (LOVE!!!), Beauty & the Beast, Dobby

Caraval pre-order promo:

  • Colored pencils
  • Poster (not pictured)
  • Map (not pictured)
  • Tote bag (not pictured)

From the library:

Weekly Recap

Posts on the blog:

Blog news:

I’ve been putting this haul post off for two months now, I’m so glad to finally get it done! I’m also working on some drafts for my bookshelf tour (been putting that one off for two months too), candle stuff, and other crafty things. I really want to come back to blogging full time, but with how much I have on my plate these days I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. So I’ll just have to keep posting when I can! It makes me sad, though – being inactive has killed my traffic and I feel like I’ve lost all the progress I worked so hard for over the years. It seems like pretty much no one reads my blog anymore =/

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

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7 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (96): 2017 haul so far

  1. Ooh, what a pretty collection of mugs you have there. SO NICE. And omg I just finished The Dragon’s Price and kind of want to stab my brain with a spork. It was so so bad haha. Why do people insist on ruining good dragon premises!?? IT’S NOT FAIR.
    And sadness about not being able to blog very much. But I like reading whenever you put a post up!

  2. An awesome haul! I keep putting off including my weekly hauls in my Sunday Posts. I’m going to have do do one big haul post by itself soon. Perhaps I’ll start working on it this week. I am really struggling to keep my blog active as well with what I have going on. I am so stressed due to work that I’m considering seeking medication. I have found many in my field do, which is sad and speaks to the incredible workload on our shoulders. When times is extremely rare, my best is to just make sure my posts for the week go up and my visiting back suffers. I have also definitely seen the impact of lost traffic due to inactivity. It’s hard to see that but also know there’s really nothing more you can do. *hugs*

    • Ugh, I feel you. Some days I’ve considered getting meds for the anxiety and stress. What do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?
      Yes I’ve been terrible about commenting back for MONTHS, and I get little to no traffic anymore. Sometimes I feel like no one really even reads my blog :(

      • I teach at the secondary level. Everyone on my campus thinks I am so put together and this year I’ve started talking to a few about the unreal amount of stress and was surprised that once I opened the door, the conversation and the admissions about medications or job changes, etc. were forthcoming.

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