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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on October 30, 2014 | 6 Comments


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I’ve always loved Halloween. I love horror and scary things! Growing up, it was always tradition to go out trick-or-treating with my parents. There was always a big event at my campground where everyone sat on the tables with candy and the kids would go through the tables. It was awesome!

I really, really miss trick-or-treating. I loved it so much that I went until I was 19 years old! Yep, I was that kid. And I was not ashamed haha. I figured it was time to give it up when multiple people were commenting about my age and saying, “Aren’t you a little old for this?” I think it sucks that it’s only for kids. There needs to be an adult trick-or-treat!!

The only complaint I have is that if you’re not a size 5 you can’t fit into any decent costumes. And it kind of annoys me that 98% of the Halloween costumes for women are skanky. When did it become about being slutty instead of scary? (Actually, Sydney @ Utterly Bookish made a post about this topic recently.) If you want a real costume (um, not a “sexy nurse”) you pretty much have to make your own. Boo.

As an adult, Halloween has kind of lost its charm. I still celebrate with horror movies and books, but I don’t do anything else. We don’t decorate. We don’t pass out candy. We don’t dress up. It just seems like a lot of effort (and money) anymore =/ I’ve thought about doing a costume party for adults the past few years, but just haven’t found the motivation to do it.

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6 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Halloween!

  1. I went trick-or-treating until I was 18! Halloween has always been my favorite day of the year. So fun!

    I totally agree about the women’s costumes, too. Why is everything so tight and short?! One year I got the “sexy elf” costume, but I wore leggings with it, because holy crap, it barely covered my bum!

  2. We don’t do trick or treating anymore, but we do give out candy and went to a couple of parties. But I am with you with the ridiculous prices and absurdity of skimpy outfits, whats up with that? So far we have made our costumes, so it takes a bit more time to figure out a costume that we can do with stuff we already have, but I am so not paying 60$ for a “sexy” whatever costume!

  3. I feel like a lot of the holidays have lost their charm for me. I don’t put up decorations or celebrate for ANYTHING anymore :/ Not Halloween, not Christmas… Maybe I’m just no fun. :P

  4. I love Halloween as a kid, too, but I don’t really do anything now. We can dress up at work, but I never do. I just can’t get it together. Besides, like you said, all the women’s costumes are very “sexy” and that is not appropriate for work. Also, I don’t really want to spend a ton of money for one day. But I love looking at costumes online!

  5. I forget when I stopped trick-or-treating, I think I may have been 14. Maybe.

    I hate store-made costumes. Not only because the girl costumes are just pieces of fabric sewn together in suggestive places, but because they’re SOOO expensive! No thank you, I will NOT purchase the sexy American Dream costume for 50 dollars, just for it to fall apart three hours later.


    I feel bad for the little ones this Halloween season. My phone just alerted me of a “Storm Watch” for 6AM-7PM tomorrow. ):

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  6. You and my stepson have a lot in common it seems. He’s 14 and says that he’ll trick or treat forever because first he can go with his little brother and then he can go with our kids (assuming we have some) and then he can go with his older brothers kids. See a theme? He plans to find kids he can go with forever. Lol fine by me, seeing as I love taking him too. I’m dressing dog up this year to join us, so it will be fun. I never went as a kid, so I get really into it with the kids now.

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