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heartbeat weekly


Books I got this week

book haul

loki's wolves dragon book ends


I am sooo excited for JTHM! I had the first comic book years ago and I can’t find it, so I bought the omnibus. I actually haven’t read past #1, so I’m pretty thrilled to get it!

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Dude, I swear this week is trying to kill me. Last Thursday I was coming home from my girls’ night and slipped on the wet leaves on the wet slippery deck and fell dead weight on my ass, knocking the breath out of me and bouncing my skull off of the deck. I was pretty freaked out because I legit couldn’t breathe for a minute. And I actually had whiplash (it’s a thing…I always thought of it as a joke, you know?) – my neck was sore as hell and I could barely move it – and lovely matching black bruises on each side of my tailbone. Then I cut my foot open on the exposed tackboard (because the puppy, kitten, and one of the cats all like to tear our carpet up -____-), the kitten scratched the shit out of my nipple (seriously, worst pain of everything), and I got the SHIT bit out of me by a dog at work. I was reaching for the dog’s foot to trim its nails and it just…grabbed me. Sunk its teeth right into the soft part of my forearm. I had a lovely (deep) hole in my arm (which I had to stare at for a minute when it happened…things like that are morbidly fascinating to me somehow) and now it’s all gnarly looking because the puncture keeps scabbing (which isn’t good, it needs to drain and heal from the inside out) and it’s tinged a bit green despite all my efforts of keeping it clean. I’m itching to pick the scab out but I don’t want to make it worse! I have a pretty bruise around the puncture and my arm is freaking sore, but I’ll live. Once this week is over, right?

Anyway. Not that you needed my disgusting bodily injury rant…

I made progress on my library!

bookshelves mass market paperback shelf

swag poster frames bean bag chair

Top left: I finally put away all the stacks of books – my shelf was a hot mess! (I posted a pic on instagram before I cleaned it up) Now my shelves are completely full. Which is worrisome – I don’t really have a place for another shelf without giving up my little reading corner!

Top right: After living in the new house for 5 months, I finally got my mass market paperbacks from my parents’ house and set up shelves for them. I actually used two media shelves, and they were perfect size! I also now have a library and review copy shelf, yay!

Bottom left: I hung my Talon poster and my two swag posters!

Bottom right: I also got another bag of beans to stuff my bean bag chair so it’s no longer…erm, flaccid. Haha. I can actually sit in it without it eating me now! (And it has the two pillows my mom made and the OSU pillow my bestie made me. And my GIR blanket)

I am sooo excited to be making progress! My next plans include the giant empty space below the Talon poster and the stack of books that’s on top of my little shelves ;) Then I’ll be hanging shelves on the far wall for all my manga. (And getting a cover for the damn blinding naked light bulb) After that you can expect a library tour so stay tuned!
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13 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (36)

  1. Wow. You’ve had a rough week for sure. No wonder you’re excited about not going anywhere today. I swear I tried not to laugh as you recited your injuries, but I may have snickered a little…it was your presentation, not the injuries, honest!

    The library’s looking beautiful, and I’m in love with those dragon bookends. Also, I just bought myself Loki’s Wolves thanks to you letting us know it was $2,99. Kelley Armstrong is one of my all-time favorite authors, but I haven’t read anything but her adult books. I keep meaning to change that ;)

    I hope next week is better for you, Jessi. Hang in there <3

    • Lmao it’s okay, they were funny after the fact! I even called my friend laughing about the deck incident right after it happened because it was just so ridiculous XD

      Thank you! I looove Kelly’s books. I enjoyed the Elena books but never read any of the other girls because they weren’t werewolves so I wasn’t interested. I freaking loved her Darkest Powers series! I read the first book of the other YA series but wasn’t real impressed. I honestly don’t even remember any of it, and never finished. I need to re-read it and finish the series now that it’s published! Sea of Shadows was pretty good though!


  2. Whoa! Sorry, I was staring extra long at your bookcases!! Envious that you have so many 5 shelfers and the room for them! I sooo want a room like this once I get my own place! Love the swag posters too!

    And awesome haul! Those bookends rock! I find I rarely need bookends since my shelves are empty enough for long! LOL!

    And wow! You’re one busy girl!! Maybe I’ll give you a call if I ever find my own place! LOL! ;)

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. One idea Jess is you could get individual wall shelves that you could put up high so you don’t have to get rid of your awesome reading corner! Aah to have a library like yours though!

    And lots of *BEAR HUGS* for the hard week! I had a bit of a hard week but it sure wasn’t like that!
    <333 Inky

  4. I wish I had a library. *grumble grumble grumble*

    I got the Young Elites audio book, I’m only three hours in but I’m really liking it! ^^

    Also I REALLY enjoyed Black City, I hope you do too!

    Have a good week Jessi!

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

  5. OMG! You weren’t kidding! Geez, I don’t know what’s worse either… That dog bite seriously would have scared me, but the not being able to breathe – yeah I think that wins. Should we send you a bubble to live in for a while while you heal?

    Congrats on the library! Its looking great! I won’t lie, I’m jealous, but as long as we get a tour I’ll be happy :D

    Have a good, SAFE, week!

    • Lmao, my fiancé told me on my day off I was to chill out and do nothing. We joked about wrapping my ass in bubble wrap! XD

      Hehee thank you! It may take a while (I still have to add the finishing touches) but there WILL be one!

  6. Those book ends are great! Wow, you had a tough week. Why didn’t you let somebody look at those bite marks? You might need a tetanus shot, right? Take care of yourself, I hope this week treats you better <3

    • Nah, I’ve been bitten TONS of times…occupation hazard when you work with dogs for 7 years! The only concern I would have about a dog bite is rabies, and we require them to all be vaccinated for it so I’m good, no worries :)

      I hope so too!

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