The Horror October Readathon Kicks Off!

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Check out the sign up post for all the info!


The Horror October 2018 readathon runs from the 15th to the 28th – two full weeks of reading! Post about books you finish with the hashtag #horroroctober18 (or post on your blog and link at the end of the week) for entries into the giveaway!

My readathon TBR

I’m starting the readathon off suuuper behind on my Horror October reads. I’ve only read two books so far this month, yikes! So it’s going to be crunch time the next couple of weeks as I take advantage of the readathon.

Here are the books I want to read in the next two weeks:

Usually for readathons I do daily breakdowns of time spent reading and pages read, but since this one runs for two weeks I’m honestly too lazy to do all that. I won’t keep track of my time spent reading, but I do want to keep track of pages read! I’ll keep my progress updated daily here, and I’ll put a recap of both weeks in the Horror October weekly recaps at the end of each week.

Pages read

Week 1:

  • Monday 10/15 – 22 pages
  • Tuesday 10/16 – 219 pages
  • Wednesday 10/17 – 375 pages
  • Thursday 10/18 – 30 pages
  • Friday 10/19 – none :(
  • Saturday 10/20 – none again, didn’t have time
  • Sunday 10/21 – 20 pages

Week 2:

  • Monday 10/22 – 115 pages
  • Tuesday 10/23 – 34 pages
  • Wednesday 10/24 – 85 pages
  • Thursday 10/25 – 58 pages
  • Friday 10/26 –
  • Saturday 10/27 –
  • Sunday 10/28 –

Books finished

If you’re participating, how many books do you want to read? Which books are you most excited about?

Jessi (Geo)

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