Horror October: The Show That is Slowly Growing on Me

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I am a very reluctant watcher of this show. I tried it for the first time right after finishing Dexter (TO WHICH NOTHING COULD EVER COMPARE), and I didn’t like it at all. [side note, totally unrelated: I also tried the other show that Michael C. Hall plays in right around this same time – Six Feet Under – AND I JUST COULDN’T DO IT MAN. He is and always will be Dexter and to see him as anything else now is JUST PLAIN WRONG) That was season one. I had zero desire to ever try again, up until recently when my boyfriend suggested I try a different season. He is a fan of the show, and has been trying to get me to watch the darn thing for a while now.

He kinda started watching it anyway, even though I didn’t want to. We started with Coven. I was kinda like “yeah sure whatever” and did other things while it was playing. And at first I didn’t care. But then, somewhere along the line, it became engrossing. I found myself interested in it! We binge watched the season in a week or so, and I ended up really enjoying it! I could have walked away from it at any point – it was one of those where you enjoy it while you’re watching, but could take it or leave it when you’re not watching. But now that I’ve seen a couple of seasons, I find myself thinking about it from time to time. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

After Coven, we binged Asylum. I found this story even more engrossing than Coven was. It was crazy intense! I still think Coven is my favorite of the two, possibly because it was the first one I watched. But Asylum was INSANE. Even though now I can’t see Zachary Quinto without cringing. I think the thing I liked most about Asylum is that it doesn’t spare the characters. There’s really never any telling what will happen next!

This show is SO totally fucked up.

There’s no nice way to say it. Usually I love the weird and disturbing, but sometimes this show takes it to a whole new level. It was even too much for me at times. Sometimes it’s disturbing in a really gross way that just makes you cringe. (Zachary Quinto. ’nuff said. *shudder*) There were times when I was just like WHAT THE EFF AM I EVEN WATCHING RIGHT NOW.

Even though it grosses me out sometimes, I love how twisted the show is. I like the characters a lot, too. I love that each season has the same actors! It’s amazing to see the same person in very different roles. Especially Lily Rabe, I feel like she had the biggest character change of them all (and she totally rocked it)!

Would I recommend this show? Honestly, I’m not really sure yet. I think people who love twisted things would probably love the hell out of this. But the fact that I struggled so much to get into it at first holds me back from raving about it. But, if you’re like me, and couldn’t get into it initially, maybe try different seasons!

Have you watched AHS? What’s your favorite season?

Jessi (Geo)

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4 responses to “Horror October: The Show That is Slowly Growing on Me

  1. I haven’t watched too many of them. I see a few of each season, and watched almost all of Hotel, cuz Lady Gaga was in it. I am really enjoying My Roanoke Nightmare, especially since we still don’t know what happened to the 116 and that one word was carved on the tree. It is really spooky. watching the first one had me realy frightened, but I get frightened kinda easily. So there’s that!

    • I was really disturbed by the first episode of Hotel, I’m not really sure if I want to continue or not lol! I do love Lady Gaga, though. My boyfriend was complaining about how ugly she is and I was all NO SHE’S NOT SHE JUST DOESN’T HAVE EYEBROWS. I think she’s pretty! I love her music, too. Maybe I’ll try again. I need to see the new one, though! We will definitely watch it when it comes to Netflix. I don’t get scared easily so nothing in movies/TV ever really phases me. I want it to, though!

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