LfB Readathon Mini Challenge

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General Rules

  • The giveaway for this challenge will run from today until 11:59 pm Saturday, February 22nd.
  • This is a shared giveaway between Confessions of a Bookie Monster and Novel Heartbeat. Please be sure to read the directions very carefully, as the pictures are numbered specifically on each blog.
  • Please do NOT leave answers in the comments. That’s what the Rafflecopter is for.
  • You must have already been signed up in the Readathon to participate (sign ups are now closed). This requires some sort of sign-up/progress post!
  • You must guess at least 5 total covers correctly to win. 
  • Because we are paying for these giveaways out of our own pockets, it is a requirement that you follow BOTH hosts by email or Bloglovin’.

The Challenge

  • My images are numbered 1-5. Those numbers correspond to the Rafflecopter entries. Stop by Confessions of a Bookie Monster for pictures 6-10!
  • HINT: Covers are our most anticipated Young Adult 2014 releases!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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