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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on November 13, 2014 | 15 Comments


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This is somewhat of a tough subject for me. I had to think long and hard to come up with anything at all….what exactly would qualify for an unpopular opinion in the real world? When it comes to books, I’m almost always the unpopular opinion because I tend to be the black sheep. But non-bookish things? That’s hard to come up with!

I’m not going to go into any deep or controversial subject, and I honestly can’t think of anything else; except that I don’t like hamburgers, because people say that’s unAmerican. (Is that ridiculous that that’s the only thing I could come up with?) I was at a friend’s house once and her mom was making hamburgers. I wasn’t really hungry but I ate one anyway to be polite, and well…I almost threw it up. I’ve disliked them ever since! There are a select few that I can stomach – McDonald’s are different (the texture, maybe?), so they’re okay; and also the Johnsonville cheddar cheese bacon burgers, because they’re awesome!

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15 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Unpopular Opinions

  1. I hate hamburgers too. Actually, I tend to dislike red meat. I eat it sometimes, but if I have a choice between meats, it’s my last choice. And while I can enjoy things that have red meat in them, I have a harder time stomaching just the meat or some dish that is mostly red meat. I don’t know why that is. It’s just always been the case. Whenever my family gets together I’m always the “picky” eater that they have to make sure to have hotdogs for instead. (Even though I don’t really enjoy hotdogs all that much more to be honest.)

    And as far as McDonald’s goes, their hamburgers are easier for me to eat too (although I still tend to choose something else whenever I eat there), so that’s weird. I really wonder what it is about those hamburgers.

    • Ohhh I love red meat, it’s just hamburgers for some reason lol! But I know how you feel…I’ve always been picky. I won’t touch any kind of pork if it isn’t bacon, especially ham! My family loooves ham, so it’s always crappy on Thanksgiving and Christmas for me because I won’t touch the main course T.T

      Right?! It’s probably pressed meat, but oh well. It still tastes good, right?

      • I actually can’t stand ham either. I hate it even more than hamburgers. That’s another thing with my family because they make sure to have turkey every holiday just because I’m the only one who doesn’t like ham. Haha. Sometimes they make just this little bit of turkey that’s for me while everyone else has ham. They’re always giving me a hard time about it. I do like most pork though. Where I grew up pork is huge, so I grew up eating it a ton. It’s just ham for some reason. I have no idea why, but I just can’t get behind the taste.

  2. I love hamburgers, but they have to have cheese on them. I don’t know if I could eat just a plain hamburger. I can’t tell you the last time I tried.

    I don’t like shrimp, or any shellfish really. I’m funny about fish in general. People are amazed because I won’t eat salmon. I’ll visit my mom or brother in Alaska, where you can get the best salmon in the world and I won’t eat it. I’ll order chicken. I don’t like fishy fish.

    • YES. The hamburgers that I can eat have to have cheese!

      I don’t like fishy fish either! I kind of hate seafood. I used to hate shrimp, but for some reason my tastes changed randomly. One day I wanted it, and ever since then I’ve had this weird obsession with shrimp, especially in pasta. (Who knows!) Salmon and tuna are probably the only fish I’ll touch, and even then I have to be in the mood for it!

  3. This is too funny because you do tend to have somewhat unpopular book opinions – its one of the things I love about you. If you’ve read a book that everyone is gushing about I’m excited because I know that you will tell the truth regardless. So hamburgers is all you’ve got, huh? LOL well I like hamburgers but I have enough vegetarian friends that it doesn’t shock me when someone hates them. Weird that you like McDonald’s though, they’re not that good. Try Braums someday – so good!

    • Hehe yep, pretty much! I should have done an “Unpopular Book Opinions” post lmao. I’m definitely a black sheep!

      Sad, right? My brain was just blanking. And I dunno, like I said I think it’s the texture of McDonald’s that I like…the texture of real hamburgers grosses me out :(

  4. I probably haven’t ever had an “American” hamburger. ;-) I’m sure our version in Australia would be different…but if that’s your most unpopular opinion…hehe, I’d say you’re pretty agreeable! My unpopular opinions..hummmm, I don’t even know! OH! I don’t really like music! I really would much rather sit in silence. Weeeird, I know, but that’s me. x)

  5. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads

    Hahaha…I couldn’t even think of anything to write for this topic, but I thought you would have lots to say because you’re always so confident in speaking your mind :). But hamburgers is a good one — and very un-American of you :P

    • Haha I totally blanked. Then I went around visiting other blogs and realized I don’t like Doctor Who, or Taylor Swift, or pretty much any super popular celebrity or show (except for Jennifer Lawrence of course). Brain fart!

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