Life of a Blogger: Handwriting

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on April 3, 2014 | 29 Comments

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Topic suggested by Hazel @ Stay Bookish. Thanks Hazel, great idea!!

Your turn! Make your own post showing everyone your handwriting and link up :)

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Jessi (Geo)

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29 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Handwriting

  1. Ha! I love your handwriting – it’s not too different from mine actually. And I don’t think they’re even teaching kids cursive anymore. I know my stepson hasn’t learned it and he’s in the eighth grade.

    I did something very different with this topic though… I’m always the weirdo LOL

  2. Omigosh, my handwriting looks pretty similar! And I love that we wrote almost exactly the same thing — great minds think alike? I’m not 100% sure my link is going to work, the “permalink” option on Blogger is only showing the last part of the link for some reason … oh well. My post will be live in an hour or so! I think this is one of my favourite topics so far … it’s gonna be SO FUN to see everyone’s handwriting; it’s something super personal that isn’t normally shared on blogs!

  3. Your handwriting is really nice!! Mine is AWFUL. I can barely write now. It looks like a hybrid between a 5 year old and chicken scratchings. >_< Mortifyingly embarrassing. I can't write in cursive either.

  4. I like your handwriting. I can write in cursive. When I was in elementary school learning how to write, we were taught cursive. I didn’t learn print until 5th grade. So now I tend to write in a combo of cursive and print. Sometimes halfway through a word I will switch from print to cursive. The results are very messy handwriting :)

  5. Your handwriting is pretty! I’m sad I have to miss this week, but I was definitely not organized enough to get the post up in time. Work has been kicking my butt!

  6. I actually really like your handwriting. I think it’s interesting that you can’t write in cursive though. I think if I couldn’t write in cursive, my note taking in class would greatly suffer. Cursive is usually so much faster for me to write. Then again, it’s not quite the cursive I was taught in school. More just something I’ve adapted to fit my quick note taking needs.

  7. Your writing is so pretty! It’s what the people I know would call “girl writing”. Haha. I don’t know, but I super like it. I’m not that good with cursive either. I can read it no problem, but when I try to picture and write some of the letters I often mess up. I’m better at lowercase letters than uppercase, though. That’s kind of weird. Lol.

  8. My letters sometimes connect, too :D But my handwriting is not nearly as cool as yours xD
    And my cursive sucks(: I think I know all the letters, but I get too excited with all the loops and I mess up o.o
    The awesome thing about loopy writing is that it’s pretty :D the sucky thing is that it can get really messy really fast. Love your writing though!

  9. Ahh I love your handwriting!! It’s so pretty and it actually looks a lot like your blog font :O (although that was probably what you were looking for when you picked it lol) I wish my handwriting could be kind of loopy like that, it just looks so cool and totally fun to read :D

    • Ok so after stalking everyone on this linky I am pretty sure I win the award for WORST handwriting!! Again thank goodness for the typed word. I sometimes cannot even read my own writing but I can type crazy fast.

  10. I love your handwriting! It’s so fun! :D
    And ha ha, I still remember how to write in cursive. Your handwriting is actually 40% cursive by the way because of how your letters connect to one another. :P

  11. I have a hard time writing in cursive as well. I always hated it and would write in print whenever possible. I sometimes have to stop and think how to write the letters if I’m in a situation where I have to.

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