Life of a Blogger: Before 2014 Ends

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on December 18, 2014 | 6 Comments


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Honestly, I don’t really have an answer to this question. There’s not much I need to do in the next two weeks that I can’t do in January! I guess just finish my Christmas shopping and spend some quality time with my parents before they go back to Florida after the holidays. That’s a really lame answer, but I don’t have any pressing matters to attend to in the next couple of weeks!

(Hopefully some of you will have more interesting answers than me haha!)

Next week’s topic: Christmas!

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about the things you want to do before the year ends and link up :)

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6 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Before 2014 Ends

  1. Wow, I guess I’m still half asleep because I totally screwed up my link entry, bahahaha! Oh boy. Not ready for the day. ANYWAY: I just have a few reviews I want to get done, and finish a book or two, and that’s about all I really want to accomplish! Oh, and send my xmas cards…because I’m a procrastinator lol. Happy holidays, Jessi! :D

  2. Oh, god, Christmas shopping. I still have to buy ALL OF THE THINGS!! *panic*

    I hate Christmas shopping because I don’t know what people want and they never know either. *grumble* I actually felt so much relief when my husband and I decided to stop giving each other gifts.

    We both never wanted anything, and yet we felt obligated to give each other birthday/Christmas presents because “that’s what people do”… so we’d always just end up giving each other Amazon gift cards or whatever. And that’s stupid when you consider that we’re married and essentially just giving each other money… from our joint account. What’s the point? LOL.

    A lot of people think that’s soooo unromantic but it makes sense for us.

    Aaaanyway. That was a tangent. Enjoy the time with your parents!

    • Me too! I’ve got some of the little ones, and I’ve finished with all the gifts that need mailed, but I still haven’t bought the biggest ones: My parents and his parents. *cries* Curse being a procrastinator!

      Yep, same here. I want to find the perfect gift, but it’s SO hard! And gift cards seem so generic (even though that’s what I would want lol)…

      Ken and I kinda decided we weren’t going to do a lot for Christmas for each other, and instead save it for a vacation early next year. I still got him a few small things, though. But yeah, kinda redundant to give each other your own money!

  3. My goal is to definitely START DRIVING! Ugh. I’m kind of scared to hit the road because I don’t want to get in a car accident or to run over someone. I guess I just have to suck it up, concentrate, and just drive. Besides that, my goal is to reach my reading goal which is to read 50 books. My goal used to be to read 150 books but I got so busy so I lowered it down. I think I can do it! I was in a huge slump and now I’m slowly getting out of it.

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