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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 30, 2014 | 16 Comments

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Genres I love

  • Alternative. This is the genre I listen to the most, with bands like Linkin Park, Theory of a Deadman, and Trapt. 
  • Electronic & Dubstep. I’ve been branching out lately and listening to some more electronic things. The band that started me on this genre was Pendulum. I also like The Glitch Mob and Madeon. I’m still discovering, though!
  • Christian Alternative. I’m not a fan of religious music, but I loooove Christian rock bands like Skillet, Demon Hunter, Icon For Hire, and Family Force 5. They have awesome music with good, uplifting values, without getting preachy. There’s a local station here called RadioU that plays really awesome music. It’s one of my favorite stations!
  • Classic Rock. I looove Journey (Separate Ways is my fave!) and some Def Leppard. I enjoy listening to some of the older stuff…especially Journey radio on Spotify!
  • Dance. I’m a little more picky about this genre because some of it gets on my nerves, but I freaking adore Lady Gaga. I like Jason DeRulo, too.
  • Some Metalcore. As you will find out below, I hate screaming. But, there are some times when it works. Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band, and while they don’t scream anymore (M. Shadows injured his throat and physically can’t now), my favorite album of theirs has a lot of screaming (Waking the Fallen). But he has a nice screaming voice and it works for me. Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine, and A Day to Remember are some others that I can handle the screaming. Although, AD2R gets on my nerves sometimes because I don’t like his screaming style, I just looove his singing voice so I put up with it. If I like the singer’s voice enough and there’s less than 25% screaming, I can usually handle it.
  • Electronic Rock. I haven’t branched out into this genre much, but I enjoy bands like Muse and Breathe Carolina.
  • Classical. Yep, I admit it. I am a huge fan of Mozart! There’s just something relaxing about listening to a concerto! 
  • Disney Music. This is one of my guilty pleasures! One of my favorite albums to listen to is Rhythm of the Pride Lands :D
  • Score music. I don’t listen to much of this, but there are a few really awesome ones: Mainly the Pacific Rim soundtrack. I love that music! Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean are the other two.


Genres I hate

  • Country. This is the main genre I can’t stand to listen to. For some reason all of the girls at work love it, so I’m often subjected to it and it makes me want to blow my brains out. I can’t stand the twang! I do like the old 90’s country, because I grew up on it – artists like Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Brooks & Dunn, and Garth Brooks. There are a small handful of songs I truly love that are country (LOVE the song Bigger Than the Beatles!), but for the most part I hate the genre. I can’t stand the new crap. The only new country song that’s come out in years that I’ve genuinely like is Sunny & 75. I don’t know why, that song just works for me.
  • Rap. There is probably only one or two songs that I actually like. For the most part it just grates on my nerves, and to me it’s not music.
  • Death Metal/Black Metal/Thrash Metal.hate screaming. Bands like Slayer, Lamb of God, and Cradle of Filth…make me want to bash my head into a wall. If there is more than 50% screaming, I probably will not like it. Especially if it’s that real deep scream. 

As you can see, I listen to a pretty wide variety of music. I try to keep my mind open when it comes to music and I love finding new bands! I love Spotify (I pay the $9.99 a month for premium, I can listen to anything I want whenever I want with no commercials) because I can set it to a radio station and discover new music. If you missed it, I talked about my favorite bands in the first edition of Life of a Blogger!

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about genres of music and link up! I encourage you all to participate ;)

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Jessi (Geo)

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16 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Genres of Music

  1. As you’ll see in my post, I’m not a big music lover. I agree with all the genres you hate – I can tolerate some country, but only a really good mood and for a really good reason. Reading your list made me realize that while I don’t love much outside of my favorites (70s R&B) I do like some Alternative and Classic Rock (specifically Linkin Park and Journey). I probably like more than I realize, because I come from a family of music lovers and I tend to think of how different I am from them.

  2. RadioU is so awesome! I love that station. And as for score music, I like those plus the Harry Potter music! And disney music. I am so guilty of bursting out into song with “a whole new world” or “kiss the girl!” lol

  3. Same. “not a fan of religious music,” at all, but <3 rock bands like Skillet. I also like Linkin Park and Lady Gaga :D
    My favorite genre is definitely rock, but I like everything as long as it sounds good. No screaming/rap for me either. + I also listen to a LOT of Asian music (mostly k-rock, j-rock and some k-pop and j-pop)

  4. Omg I am totally doing this one because I love love love music and alternative is also one of my favorites! I’m really obsessed with Daughter, Arctic Monkeys, and Vampire Weekend. I went to camp and got super hooked on alternative music and now I have like this whole list of bands that I want to listen to more of and ones that I really like. It’s kind of bad lol. Classical music is also super soothing as well. I’ve been in band for about four years now (although I’m quitting next year) and some of the music really is sooo pretty and beautiful.

  5. Separate Ways, nice pick for classic rock (that one must be turned up quite loud).

    While I really enjoy country (not much of the newer stuff), I can understand how most people don’t like it. My sisters, would probably agree more with your list of of favorite genres than with mine (we are so different when it comes to what we listen to).

    I enjoyed seeing why you like/disliked certain genres.

  6. I’m very eclectic in my music tastes as well. I listen to mostly alternative and rock (love 80s rock!), and some country but it’s mostly the older stuff because I don’t care much for today’s country either. I listen to a little bit of rap and r&b here and there. I’m not big on screaming either but I did listen to Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot back in high school. To be quite honest though, I almost hate most of today’s music, no matter the genre. It’s like I woke up one day and it all had changed. The bands that are grouped together with some of my favorites have nothing in common with each other. I know music changes and evolves over time but I certainly don’t like the direction it’s going in.

  7. Ew, not country. I can’t stand country. (Well, I listen to some border-line-country stuff…but when they’re all sitting around whining about their horse and the last dusty road? Can’t. handle. that.)

  8. Stephanie H.

    I love music! I definitely have genres I prefer. . .and those I don’t usually care for (rap, death metal), but I always find exceptions to the rule. Florence + the Machine is my current go to.

    I grew up in the middle of small town farm country, thus surrounded by country music. Until high school I wouldn’t listen to any of it. I then went through a period were I listened to quite a bit, and now I’m at a point were I listen to older stuff and only the occasional newer song. I do have an appreciation for the love of classics my grandparents and parents gave me. From Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to Eric Clapton and Billy Joel.

  9. We have similar taste, I must say I did kind of struggled with this post this week but it was rather fun to do. I saw Trapt live in 2004 at Download Festival, they were awesome!
    I think Senses Fail are to me like AD2R are for you. I absolutely love them but the screaming i’m not much of a fan. Keep Rockin’ lady.

    Oh and I love your new layout change :)

  10. I love that we share such a similar taste!

    I’m so with you on the dance music. I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure of mine because although I don’t listen to it often, nor do I *love* it, when I listen to it I can’t help but enjoy it. It’s great for cleaning, really gets you in the mood to clean the whole house from top to bottom. (Well, okay, sort of!)

    Country is a hit and miss for me. I can’t handle the drawn out drawls and the constant talk of whiskey and drinking and girls in short shorts. But then there are songs that really get to me and sometimes make me tear up. I immediately think of Come Over by Kenny Chesney, which isn’t something I would usually listen to, but I’ve always had a soft spot for.

    I’m excited for next week’s topic. ;)

  11. Whoa, awesome new theme Jessi! :D
    I’m ashamed to say this, but there’s a music genre called “dance” that’s not people dancing and Lady Gaga is part of it?! I’m SO out of the loop LOL.

  12. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and
    I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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