Meet Geo’s four legged friends!

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Nickname: Gizzy
Quirks: Eats plastic (it scares the crap out of me!)
            Has a strange obsession with being under fabric and will scratch at it earnestly in an attempt to do so
            Also likes to scratch at doors to get in
           When I call for him he makes the cutest high-pitched meowing sound and comes running
Where I got him: Jack’s Aquarium. It was love at first sight when I saw this playful little furball.

I know I’m a bad mom for picking favorites, but he’s it. I adore this boy so much it’s not even funny.
And yes, he’s in my pants in the second picture.



Nicknames: Lover, LunaTic, Chub Chub
Quirks: Fetches. Mind you, it’s only when she wants to, but if she brings you a toy and you throw it’ll she’ll go after it and bring it back for hours.
               If you scratch a certain way above her tail, she’ll lick anything within range
               Sometimes chases her tail (seriously, she thinks she’s a dog sometimes)
               Whenever I say “lover,” she makes the cutest little squeaky noise
               Randomly tries to climb up walls, particularly doorways
Where I got her: Adoption kitten at work. She was there for a few weeks and I fell in love with her.
Nicknames: RazziDazzle (dad), Babygirl, Prissy Princess
Quirks: Likes to put her feet in mommy’s shoes like she’s wearing them
              Randomly licks people
Where I got her: Troy animal shelter. I really wanted a new kitten and was looking for a calico so I was instantly sold :)
I call her Prissy Princess because she really is. She complains when she doesn’t get her way (loudly and incessantly), and if she doesn’t like the way you’re petting her she will let you know for sure.
Nicknames: Snickerkitty, Schnicky
Quirks: Scratches at the door to get in…or stands in front of the door meowing incessantly
              Has a strange obsession with molesting smelly feet
Where I got him: A friend that lives down the street whose mama kitty had a litter. I didn’t get a choice in color or sex, there were 3 left…all male and they all looked the same. This one was my first cat :)
Nickname: Fattycat
Quirks: Makes a loud squeaky meow sound when you call his name
              Is a total attention whore. Doesn’t matter who you are, he’ll love you
              Can take any amount of abuse and still return for more with no resentment (like when dad messes with him, or when I pick out the annoying random white hairs in the middle of his black…)
Where I got him: Drylick Stables. There were a bunch of kittens running around and he’s the one I picked. The car ride home was very interesting – driving with the top down with Mel in the back seat screaming at me because he kept trying to poke his little head out of the box. Good times!
Nicknames: Z, Z-Bot, ZeeBee, Butthead
Quirks: Likes to punch people and other animals. She’s a bully
              Likes to eat everything in sight (mainly fabric)
              Although she likes to ignore mommy, she’s very well behaved when food is involved. Knows sit, stay (to an extent), shake, high-five, lay down, speak. Working on roll over…not coming so well.
Where I got her: Brown County Animal Shelter. I had been looking online for a few days to find a puppy, and the picture on their website was so darn cute I had to have her.
Jessi (Geo)

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  1. OMG — I have a tuxedo cat too! And yours is totally adorable =) (As are the rest of them as well — and what a unique bunch of colours and personalities!)

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