Getting to know me – 101 Things I hate

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on October 24, 2011 | 2 Comments

1. The word ‘hate’
2. Rain (when it’s cold)
3. The smell of rain
4. Winter
5. The color orange
6. The scent of orange
7. Basically…everything about oranges
8. When someone leaves ONE FREAKING OREO left in the package. This goes for much more than cookies
9. Bad grammar
10. Misspelling
11. TyPinG liKe tHiS
12. Books or movies out of alphabetical order
13. Cleaning
14. Slow people, particularly on the road
15. Bad drivers
16. Stupid questions
17. School
18. History. And NO, I don’t “just hate my own history.” I hate the subject. It’s boring.
19. Boring books
20. Vomit
21. Spiders

22. Pine tree smell
23. Burnt out lightbulbs
24. When I go to take a drink of my Mountain Dew and there’s nothing left
25. Stupidity
26. Running out of toilet paper
27. The sound and feel of hands/feet rubbing carpet *cringe*
28. The N word
29. Baby gates
30. Crooked picture frames
31. People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom…SERIOUSLY? You’re going to touch your junk and then touch the doorknob I have to put MY hand on?!
32. Being tailgated while doing at least 5 to 10 over the speed limit
33. Repeating myself
34. One uppers
35. Liars
36. When people lie to me
37. Campfire smell
38. Jersey Shore
39. The fact that so many people love #38
40. Repetitive music – case in point, NIRVANA. Okay, you’re dumb, we get it.
41. Silver Nitrate (quik-stop sticks) and the annoying brown spots it leaves on my hands for weeks
42. When people chew with their mouth open and make nasty smacking noises
43. Not having enough cereal in the box to make a whole bowl
44. People who complain about EVERYTHING
45. Lazy people in the workplace
46. Picking up other people’s slack
47. The taste of dandelions
48. When someone borrows something and doesn’t return it
49. Will Farrell
50. Vegetables
51. Socks
52. Bras
53. Cigarette smell
54. My teeth
55. Hangnails
56. My memory – if I don’t write it down, it’s gone…
57. Green banana taste
58. Stubbing my toes
59. Matted dog fur (every groomer’s worst nightmare)
60. Cheaters
61. Waking up early
62. Reality TV
63. Junk mail
64. Paying bills
65. Backseat drivers
66. Finishing a book that ends in a cliffhanger…and the next book doesn’t come out for EIGHT MORE F**KING MONTHS
67. Clowns
68. Centipedes
69. When people are always late
70. Public bathrooms
71. Malfunctioning technology
72. Not being able to find a song I want on FrostWire
73. Screaming children in a nice restaurant…THAT’S WHAT MCDONALD’S IS FOR, PEOPLE!!!
74. Listerine
75. That stupid Milkshake song
76. When people write your instead of you’re
77. ei and ie words
78. When McDonald’s forgets my damn straw
79. Waiting
80. Maggots
81. Forgetting my gym shoes
82. Burnt food
83. Undercooked meat (bloody steak…gag)
84. Tall people blocking my vision
85. Pennies
86. Writer’s block
87. Rich people (the snobby ones at least)
88. The word ‘wiener’
89. Snookie
90. Crying
91. Chick flicks
92. Suicide (because unless you literally have no one in your life, it’s the most selfish thing anyone could do)
94. Selfish people
95. Most girls
96. When people try to make me hold babies
97. Traffic
98. Talking on the phone
99. Speaking in public
100. Writing essays/papers
101. When my dog doesn’t listen to me
Jessi (Geo)

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2 responses to “Getting to know me – 101 Things I hate

  1. Haha, that’s the reaction I get from everyone. I don’t know honestly, I just find it nasty. I’m like that with pine tree smell too, and most people love that.

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