BtH Readathon Mini Challenge: Guess That Book Title!

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A guest post by Nikki @ Fiction Freak

Hey guys! When Jessi asked me to do a mini challenge, how could I resist? So here I have five: 2014 debuts, 2014 standalones, and 2015 winter debuts*! Your challenge is to guess which book I’m talking about and answer in the form below!

A couple quick rules: You must guess at least FOUR books to get the bonus for this challenge on the final giveaway. If you get them all correct you will get a 10 entry bonus! Please do not put your answers in the comments section!

*All 2015 winter debuts mentioned have released a cover, if that helps any!

2014 Debuts

  1. A high fantasy perfect for fans of winter. (I love this one!)
  2. A contemporary about Hamlet, the theater, and a girl who makes promises to herself. (Definitely one of my favorites of this year.)
  3. A soccer star bent on revenge…and a new romance. (Also, coffee!)
  4. A girl with wings in a multigenerational story of lost loves and dreams. (Surprising and 100% lovely)
  5. A race against time to get off an island that shouldn’t exist. (J’ADORE.)

2014 Standalones

  1. A desert set high fantasy filled with forbidden romance and arranged marriages. (This one is just amazinggggg)
  2. A sci-fi with conspiracies, an academy, and some heart pounding revelations. (This one made me literally jump out of my seat)
  3. A contemporary about best friends, bucket lists, and what going out of your comfort zone may mean. (I adore this author–and what a fun summer read!)
  4. A girl involved in the movie business and a letter that’s more than a bit serendipitous. (So heartwrenching and beautiful)
  5. A haunting retelling of Snow White with a gothic twist. (LOVE THIS ONE)

2015 Winter Debuts

  1. A dystopian high fantasy where blood is…everything. (This one is FANTASTIC.)
  2. A fantasy where there are people with feathers for hair. (Right?!)
  3. A spin-off of Sleeping Beauty and political plays. (So. Much. Excitement.)
  4. A broken girl who makes a promise with a broken boy..and discovers that maybe it’s a promise she has to break. (I teared up at the five line snippet. Sadly I’m not kidding.)
  5. A contemporary about a girl who adjusts to life as a presidential candidate’s new family member. (This one. I can’t even. It sounds amazinggggg.)

So? Did you get those? And have you discovered some new reads?

Jessi (Geo)

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