2024 Goals & Resolutions

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Looking back at last year’s resolutions

Here’s my post from last year!

Reading/blogging resolutions

  1. Hit 100 books again. NAILED IT! I one upped myself and hit 150!
  2. Continue to read different genres. Nailed this one too. My sci-fi and fantasy wedges only accounted for about 70% on my pie chart, which is outstanding for me!
  3. Hit 100% ratio on both Netgalley and Edelweiss. I didn’t quite make it. I started the year with 3 books on each platform – and while I’m only down to 1 backlist title on NG (huzzah!), I went up to 4 on EW. And those 4 are all books I have no interest in reading anymore, oops. At least I’m closer to 100% on the platform that matters most to me – EW basically never accepts my requests, NG does.
  4. Only request review books if I’m ready to read them immediately. I did pretty good with this still! I never request anymore and rarely get requests from publishers these days. I did get an offer for both Light Bringer and Empire of the Damned, so I jumped on those! I accepted a handful of other books that I probably shouldn’t have, but I’m not super behind.
  5. Keep up with reviews. Oops. I did great with this for a while, but just like last year, I’m starting the year off waaaay behind. I think by 40 reviews. *facepalm*
  6. Blog more consistently. Just like reviews: started off strong. Fell off at the end of the year :(

Lifestyle resolutions

  1. Get back in shape. Get back to where I was in health and fitness and get my foundation back. I am so sad that this didn’t happen.
  2. Continue to grow my savings account. I have a little more than I did, but not by much.
  3. Pay off the Sleep Number bed. Not quite, but getting close!
  4. Remodel our den into a theater room. I ended up remodeling the spare bedroom instead of doing this; which is a fair trade off and I’m okay with it!
  5. Get braces, finally. I hate that this didn’t happen, either.
  6. Set up an emergency supply/shelter in our interior closet. I didn’t do this, either. I kinda lost interest in doing it. I have water and cans, I suppose.

2024 Goals & Resolutions

Reading/blogging resolutions

  1. Hit at least 100 books again. I would really like to get to 150 again – but it was the most I’ve ever read in a year, so I don’t want to be too ambitious.
  2. Continue to read different genres.
  3. Hit 100% ratio on both Netgalley and Edelweiss. I am SO close!! I only have 1 book left on NG and 4 on EW. A couple of those books have been sitting there for several years, oops.
  4. Only accept review books if I’m ready to read them immediately. I took a few requests from publishers last year because they sounded interesting, and I only read maybe half of them. Which makes me feel really guilty!
  5. Keep up with reviews. I am starting the year off about 40 reviews behind. It makes me feel overwhelmed, then I just let them sit until I barely remember the books and it’s difficult to catch up. I would really love to get to the point where I sit down and review the book as soon as I finish.
  6. Blog more consistently. I say this every year, lmao. I always have good intentions to follow through, but life gets in the way!

Lifestyle resolutions

  1. Get my life back together. Focus on myself for a while. I lost myself in an unhappy marriage the past couple of years, and we are separated now. I gave too much of myself and didn’t keep any for myself. I want to be selfish for a while. I want to learn to love myself again and rebuild my confidence, because right now it’s gone.
  2. Get back in shape. Get back to where I was in health and fitness and get my foundation back. I desperately want the confidence I had in 2021, not only with my body, but how sound I was in my health and fitness foundation. It was so effortless then to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise and I desperately want that again. I want to lose the 30 lbs and several inches I gained the past couple of years, too, and get back to fitting in my small clothes again. I want to feel strong and have more energy. I’m so sick of feeling weak and exhausted on a daily basis.
  3. Continue to grow my savings account.
  4. Pay off the Sleep Number bed. This will definitely happen this year!
  5. Replace the sliding door and windows. This really should have been done already. I want this to be my #1 priority as far as home improvement goes this year. My house is so drafty and cold, and I’m sure it makes my heating bill higher than necessary.
  6. GET BRACES! I really wanted to do this last year. I’ve wanted braces my whole adult life and could never afford them. I’ll have the bed paid off this year for sure, so it should be doable!
  7. Declutter & organize. I have SO many organization projects I want to do. I’m so tired of clutter and mess and I need it gone! My main project is to organize my big storage closet and all my crafting stuff. I want it organized so I can actually find things when I need them. I also want to do the tool & coat closet and my seasonal closet.
  8. Clean out the big shed. It’s a HOT MESS out in my big shed. I want to pull it all out and reorganize it; add some shelves and storage bins and label everything.

Mostly this year I just want to get my shit together. The last few years have been pretty miserable between losing my parents, COVID, horrible depression, and then the separation and loss of expectation for what I thought my life would be.

2024 is the year of the dragon – I was born in the year of the dragon (88) so I am confident this will be my year!

Jessi (Geo)

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