Heartbeat Weekly (95): End of Year Haul + Where I’ve Been!

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What I got from December:



  • Beauty & the Beast pillow by EvieBookish
  • Luna mug by EvieBookish
  • Luna mug by Little Inklings
  • Candles from Icey Designs: Bastard of the Barrel (jar); To the Stars Who Listen, Make Me Your Villain, & Always Victorious tins
  • NerdyGrl bookmarks: Christmas Luna, Max (the Grinch), gingerbread man, Harry Potter set, The Raven Cycle quote

Rep stuff:

  • From the Page: Christmas at Hogwarts candle, Drink Me & Narnia Forest wax melts
  • “Personally victimized by the Demogorgon” shirt from Appraising Pages
  • December OwlCrate
  • December Bookish Box
  • Bookmarks from Special Bookmark

From the publisher:


  • Flourish & Blotts candle from Meraki & Harry Potter UK edition, & Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell – from @bokravnen on Instagram (THANK YOU ANN! <3)
  • RoseBlood by A.G. Howard ARC & mask – from Pique on Facebook
  • Vassa in the Night – from @caylareads on Instagram
  • The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon (Book of the Month) – it’s been so long since I first won it that I honestly don’t remember who it came from!


  • Harry Potter art prints, Time Turner necklace, and Harry Potter magnets

These are from my girl Hope, THANK YOU MY LOVELY! <333 (The magnets are from her shop, BiblioKnacks!)

Where have I been?!

1. Candle endeavor

If you didn’t already know, I started selling candles in my Etsy shop! The candlemaking was the start of my downward spiral of reading and blogging. It started out as a hobby that I kind of tripped and fell into and then got lost in! I didn’t intend to sell them when I first started, but here I am haha. For the first couple of months I was spending almost ALL of my free time on my new candle shop. It took me a really long time and a lot of trial & error to work out the kinks! Maybe I’ll make a separate post about that here soon (maybe, lol). If you’re interested, the link to my shop is in the top menu bar!

2. Library remodeling

Again – if you didn’t already know, I have a shiny new amazing library!! HUZZAH! I got a wild hair because of being off for a week between the holidays so I took out a credit line to finally remodel the back room (a project that’s been in the works for a year now) and turn it into strictly a room for books! I did a couple of live tours this past weekend on Instagram and am thinking about doing more! I’ll have to take some detailed photos of it so I can do a picture tour on a post here!

3. Life in general

Honestly, I feel like I haven’t had time to breathe lately. It’s better now, but for a couple of months straight I pretty much went to work at 8 am, then came home and worked until midnight until I fell exhausted into bed. I ran myself far too ragged to the point that I actually made myself sick! I NEVER get sick, you guys. The only other time I’ve been legitimately sick since I was a child was about 5 years back, and it was the same thing – I overworked myself and didn’t get enough sleep. It’s funny because I actually said to my boyfriend, “You know I should probably take a break before I get sick” like four days before I got sick (crying a little). I know better!

I seriously haven’t finished a book in FOUR WEEKS. The only thing I’ve finished in the last couple of months is Alice in Wonderland (which was read frantically at the last minute on December 31st in order to meet my goal lmao), Saga vol. 6 (which barely counts), and Gemina on audio. It’s so awful, I miss reading something terrible. I’ve been working on Wayfarer since December and it’s taking me so long that I’m starting to lose interest. I think I may be in a reading slump because of it :(

Obviously I’ve been neglecting the blog, too. I miss ALL my wrap ups and challenge things for 2016 as well as my looking forward posts of 2017. I know it’s late, but I may still post them! I’ve been behind on bookstagram too. I didn’t post one single photo for the challenge I hosted this month, it makes me sad!!

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

Jessi (Geo)

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3 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (95): End of Year Haul + Where I’ve Been!

  1. It looks like you got awesome new books for winter reads! I could imagine running an Etsy shop is very time consuming I have a few friends that do one and they say when business is busy they are slammed. If you keep running crazy like that I feel getting sick always happens. I hope you get to read more soon and have a happy new year!

  2. Congrats on your candle store! I hope it settles down and streamlines to allow you time for some reading or blog work. I hear ya about not feeling able to breathe. It seems each day there are 989 new things added to my plate. I *really* want the Beauty and the Beast pillow. So cool!

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