Heartbeat Weekly (85): Make Me Read It Wrap Up

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What I got this week

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.26.12 PM

From the publisher:

Thank you so much Weinstein Books! <3


  • Nevernight mask

nevernight mask

I’m pretty proud of this mask! I got the idea from @readwithmikee (IG). I had been wishing that the publisher had made masks to match, like ACOTAR’s promo, and when I saw Mikee’s beautiful photo of the mask she made, I decided to make my own as well. And I LOVE IT! It was a pain in the butt to make – it took about 2938934 coats of gold paint to make it look decent, and getting rid of the brush strokes was irritating, then I screwed up the paint spatter on my first try and ended up having a red smudge tint on the corner of the mouth. I painted over it with white, but it’s still noticeable in person. But that’s okay, because overall it’s still pretty epic, and I can’t wait to hang it on my wall!

If I decide to be particularly ambitious, I might make another one so that I can do a giveaway and tutorial. What do you think?

Weekly Recap

Posts on the blog:

Favorite posts this week:

Blog news:

Still kinda trying to revive the blog. I don’t know if I can get it back to what it used to be, but I’d really like to start doing more non-review posts. I might do a suggestions post soon!

What I’ve been up to this week:

Not really much of anything, sadly. Just reading for the readathon! I did work by myself on Saturday, which was kinda cool and scary at the same time. I’m still not 100% confident with some things, and I rely on my boss a lot to look over my work and make sure it’s good enough. I like having her there to mentor me and guide me in the right direction, since I’m still learning some things. I get paranoid about not doing things correctly when she’s not there!

She’s going to be on vacation all this week, so I’m going to be on my own ALL week. I’m equal parts nervous and excited about it: nervous, because I want to be sure I’m doing things correctly and like when she’s there to check my work; and excited because it’s going to be awesome money. That’s really the only thing I like about not having her there, is that when I do all the dogs for the day (I’m a dog groomer, in case you didn’t know) on my own I make good money. But I’d rather have her there, since I look up to her and value her opinion and expertise. I’ve still got some learning to do, but I’ll get there! Right now I’m just SUPER slow at everything. I get a bit frustrated sometimes because I take so long to do things.

Make Me Read It Readathon Wrap Up

make me read it

Thanks so much to The Innocent Smiley and Tea & Titles for hosting!

Daily progress

Saturday & Sunday: Still finishing Nevernight, didn’t get any reading done for the readathon
Pages read: 0 that count >.<

Monday: Started City of Heavenly Fire, made it to page 140
Pages read: 140

Tuesday: Still reading CoHF, made it to page 419
Pages read: 279

Wednesday: Finished CoHF
Pages read: 306

Thursday: Started Stars Above, made it to page 240
Pages read: 240

Friday: Finished Stars Above; Started Dorothy Must Die, made it to page 62
Pages read: 191

Saturday: Finished Dorothy Must Die
Pages read: 390


Total pages read: 1,546

Books finished: 3 – City of Heavenly Fire, Stars Above, Dorothy Must Die


I am so unbelievably proud of myself for actually making it through all three books this week (and that’s starting two days late, so technically I did it in 5 days!). Even more proud that I read a 700 page book in 3 days, and knocked out nearly 400 pages in one day alone! *pats self on back*

Adventures on Bookstagram

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.25.51 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.33.47 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.33.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.30.54 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.26.21 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.25.57 PM

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