Heartbeat Weekly (88): YA Beach Bash Recap & Giveaway

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What I got this week


talon signed this savage song signed metaltown kristen simmons

From the signing:

All of these are signed!

From the publisher:

THANK YOU Kristen for having your publicist send me a review copy! You’re the best!!


I was so happy to score this book on the Owlcrate B/S/T group…now I don’t have to stand in line for one book for her at YALLfest!

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YA Beach Bash Signing

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a signing for more than one author, so I was thrilled when I saw this event on Joseph-Beth’s website! My boyfriend went with me for this one since I knew it would be a small event (I don’t drag him when there’s a massive signing since it’s not even that fun for me to stand in line for so long).

I had so much fun at this event! It was a great group of authors. I always love to see Julie, Kristen, and Mindee – they’re all pretty local so I’ve seen them a lot and they know me by name now! Julie of course is my favorite author (I would hope you guys know that by now haha), and Kristen is an author friend of mine so I always love seeing her, too! I love seeing Mindee’s panels, but I was honestly pretty surprised that she remembered me since I’ve seen her about 3 or 4 times in comparison to the seven times I’ve seen the other two ladies. But she stopped and said hi to me over by the bathrooms, it was awesome! It’s seriously the best feeling ever to know authors like a regular person since they’re our rockstars.

The panel was awesome, of course, and there was a new face for me – Natalie Richards. She was hilarious, too! Very charismatic and a little bit all over the place at the same time. I’ve never read any of her books, but I definitely want to after meeting her! A few fun facts from the panel:

  • It took Julie 10 years to finally get published, and most of the ladies at the table had tried with 4 or 5 books to sell one before they got published.
  • Mindee’s writing advice is NEVER. GIVE. UP. (Actually that was kind of all of their advice) and write because you love to, not for any other reason.
  • Julie and Mindee both have exciting books in the works!
  • The only one of them that had any say in any of their covers is Mindee, but they were all mostly happy with the covers they were given. Natalie had to send her cover of My Secret to Tell back originally, because the girl on the cover was wearing a coat and it’s set in July in North Carolina.
  • Natalie’s book My Secret to Tell was originally called Caught Red-Handed. The publisher shucked it and gave her a new one. (“But she doesn’t have a secret!” haha)

After the panel was the signing. I got to fangirl talk with Julie for a bit, then I went to see Mindee and last but not least I stopped by to visit with Kristen! I mentioned something about Metaltown (I’M KIND OF DYING FOR IT OKAY) and when I told her I hadn’t gotten a copy she seriously emailed her publicist and had a copy sent to me on Netgalley! ISN’T SHE THE BEST?! (That’s rhetorical, you guys. She obviously is.)

After leaving the signing I went to pay for the copy of Talon that I got signed for you guys, and the cashier started telling me about Joseph-Beth’s rewards program. (Actually, she started telling Aaron, because he asked and I always have the default “no” response to anything and everything I have to pay extra for XD) Turns out you get $25 to their Bistro when you buy a $25 one year membership. So basically you get a free dinner (or a free membership, however you look at it). AND you get $10 back for every $200 spent – “But I don’t think I really spend that much money” (me) “Um yeah you probably do” (Aaron) – which will probably add up faster than I expect haha. So afterward Aaron and I had a nice free dinner at the bistro! It was a really cute little place, and the service was exceptional. We both got a burger, they were really good! I ordered a Butterbeer, and asked them to spike it. And HOLY CRAP, he put sooo much rum in it x__x Like I had half of a glass and I was already tipsy lmao. But it was tasty!

All in all I had such a wonderful night! It was so great to see those awesome ladies! <3

Now on to the part you’re really here for….

The giveaway

talon giveaway

Up for grabs: A signed paperback of Talon by Julie Kagawa & some swag from the signing


  • As this is out of my own pocket, you must be following my blog in some way
  • US only due to high shipping costs, I’m really sorry :(
  • Please read the Rafflecopter directions carefully. Faked entries will be deleted.
  • Contest runs through September 10th. Winner will be chosen the following week and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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7 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (88): YA Beach Bash Recap & Giveaway

  1. Hannah Kicklighter

    I LOVE your book haul! Julie Kagawa has become one of my new favorite authors, and Talon is high up on my faves list. Thank you so so much for the giveaway! Good luck to all the participants!! :)

  2. danielle hammelef

    Julie Kagawa is one of my favorite authors, especially for the Talon series (gorgeous covers too to match the beautiful and powerful writing inside). I also have several of her handmade dragons proudly displayed in my office where I can see them from my desk at all times.

  3. Gabriela Pernalete

    Your page is amazing, and Julie Kagawa is one of my favorite writes, I remember fall totally for her when I read The Iron King (The Iron Fey series) so many years ago. I cannot way to read Talon.

  4. holdenj

    I love the description of the event and so glad you are sharing the fun with us! I think your Bistro dinner sounds good too–how often we tune out those sales pitches, only to learn that in this case, it was a real deal! Thanks!

  5. Skylar Underwood

    I love this. Julie Kagawa is one of my favorite authors!! This is an amazing bookhaul you have!! I can’t believe how great this website is!! So lucky to have found it.

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