Heartbeat Weekly (67): Mindee Arnett & Erica O’Rourke Signing

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2 week book haul

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gambit denault hunter lackey vengeance road we'll never be apart

From the signing:

From the publisher:

For review:

From Ashley Mansour (for being in The Hundred):

  • “Keep books alive” tote
  • A pencil
  • Blood Ink Fire stickers (not pictured, oops)
  • A hand written postcard
  • CANDY!

This was such a thoughtful package, thank you Ashley!

June Fandom of the Month box:

  • “All magic comes with a price dearie” bag
  • Fantasy charm bracelet
  • “Once upon a time” book necklace
  • Pumpkin & carriage ring
  • Fandom of the Month Club Member postcard

Weekly Recap

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Mindee Arnett & Erica O’Rourke Signing

I was so excited to go to a signing this week! It’s actually only been a month or so since I went to Julie’s workshop, but it feels like forever ago! I drove down to Cincinnati for this one. I’ve seen Mindee a couple times before, but it was awesome to see her again! I had the last two Arkwell Academy books that needed signed, so it gave me an excuse to go. I got there a little late because of the nasty Cinci traffic, and when I sat down I was surprised to see Kristen Simmons in the crowd! She recognized me and waved (best feeling ever)!

The panel was fun, of course. There was a lot of rambling about horses and dogs – apparently Erica has an imaginary future dog in her mind with a personality and everything haha! They talked a little about everything – their writing processes (Mindee is a pantser and Erica is a planner), and what books they’d just read and enjoyed (Mindee: Uprooted by Naomi Novik, Erica: something really weird about cities? XD). Mindee confessed that she started The Nightmare Charade weeks after the deadline. I asked how they felt about reviews – helpful, or stay far, far away? – and both agreed that they stay far away (good idea!). Mindee has always been entertaining when I’ve seen her, and Erica had a lot of charisma, too! It was fun to hear them talk about their experiences as authors. After the signing I got to talk to Kristen for a little bit!

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2 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (67): Mindee Arnett & Erica O’Rourke Signing

  1. Oh nice!! I wanted to drive up to an Erica O’Rourke signing earlier this month…but I still kinda need to read Dissonance and I tend to like to have at least read 1 of an author’s books before meeting them! LOL. It’s weird. Plus I had just driven to Texas a week or two before that, and I was pretty wiped out from driving for awhile!

    Hope you enjoy your lovely new signed editions and your new additions to the shelves!

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