Heartbeat Weekly (63): New Items in My Etsy Shop!

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Work, work, and more work! The other girl that does double shifts went on a trip this weekend and I covered her, so I was working 4 doubles this week. Three of them in a row – I did 12 hours Thursday, 12 Friday, and 10 Saturday. I am SO dead today!

I’ve been a little stressed lately because Chase raised my mortgage $90. Apparently my escrow account was $550 behind (fun stuff – yay for being an adult). And they didn’t feel it necessary to send me a notice so thank goodness I actually opened my mortgage statement – usually I don’t even look at it because everything is automatic. $90 is a really big deal to me right now. Thankfully my boss is giving me a few extra hours per week to help, but it’s still going to be really tight. =/ If you currently live with your parents, SAVE. YOUR. MONEY. Seriously. I wish someone had told me that when I was 21. Where did all that money go? I regret wasting so much of it.


New items up in my Etsy shop!

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The green dragon has sold already, but the rest are still available! See them on Etsy

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5 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (63): New Items in My Etsy Shop!

  1. Yikes, you must be exhausted! I guess it’s good extra cash but so exhausting. I know what you mean about $90 being a lot – I’ve only just finally reached a point where that wouldn’t kill me, and it would still hurt. I moved out when I was 17 – so not much time for saving :( Good luck with everything ! Love the etsy items!

  2. The whole “your escrow account is short” is frustrating. This happened two years in a row, and then we received a letter that our payment was going down because we had so much IN escrow! Being an adult sucks haha

    Hope this week is better for you and you get plenty of rest between all those shifts.

    Also, the link to your shop isn’t working for me.. just thought I would let you know!

  3. I love seeing your TBR jars in Instagram! I’d get one, but I don’t want to admit that I have a massive TBR, let alone think of the shipping costs.

    And I’m not really sure what an escrow is, but my mom experienced something similar. She got a call from the credit card company saying that she didn’t pay her bill yet, and they had charged her with interest. My mom never received a statement, though, and she complained about it, and the person said that their courier was having problems and that was the cause of the late statement. My mom, of course, was furious.

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