Heartbeat Weekly (59): 3 week book haul + library sale!

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3 week book haul


5 to 1 holly bodger dreamland anderson walk on earth a stranger blood ink fire the key jennifer davis

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Library book sale:

I paid $1 each for all of them :) I always look forward to these sales because I can get so many books for cheap. This time kinda sucked though because I had to work on the first day of the sale, and I only had an hour to look by the time I got there. To get the good stuff you really have to be there an hour before the sale starts to wait in line so that you’re the first person through!

For review:


From the library:


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What I’ve been up to this week:

Same old same old. Haven’t had time to do much reading, sadly :(

I was one of the idiots that waited until the very last minute to do my taxes. *sighs* I used someone new this year instead of H&R Block (I wasn’t really happy with them last year & they’re expensive as shit). I’m used to the H&R Block way: everything is automatic, you can pay for your taxes straight from your return, and they send in whatever you owe automatically. Well, not this year. I had to pay $335 for mine and my fiancé’s taxes up front, and I had to drive around all over the place to drop off our city tax papers. I was stressing majorly about the money – now we’re short on bills – and I had to drive to 3 different places for the city taxes, which stressed me out even more. Thankfully next year we won’t have to file in two separate cities each! Moving made taxes suck a LOT. (Which is also why my taxes were $200 – I lived in two places and worked in two places.)

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16 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (59): 3 week book haul + library sale!

  1. Whoa!!! Very nice! These past three weeks have been kind to you! LOL! I need to find my a library sale! Our libraries around here never seem to have actual sales themselves. But I did discover in two weeks there’ll be a book sale of some kind going on at our local mall, so I’ll definitely check that out then!

    Hope you enjoy all your awesome new reads!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Oh man. That sucks about your taxes. So stressful. At least it’s done and over with. Wooozah. We didn’t do our taxes until the weekend before. We were just so busy that we never had a chance to sit down and do them until then.

  3. THAT HAUL IS SO GLORIOUS. Now I’m disappointed in our country for not having any decent bookstores. :/ Aw, and boo for work. You might’ve gotten twice as many books if you’d gotten there earlier.

    I know nothing about taxes, but my parents are always problematizing it, so I at least know that taxes suck. Sorry to hear you had trouble with yours.

  4. WOW! That is quite a haul! I wish I could find a sale like that around here. I seem to miss those library sales by like a day, so that sucks. maybe next time. I love all the swag you got as well. Imagine if you were able to get in early, you would have had twice as much!
    My STS

  5. UGHHHH TAXES ARE THE WORSTTTT. I hate how stressful they can be :( But this is the most amazingest haul I’ve seen this week! Holy moly! I’m LOVINGGG the Doctor Who stuff! :D That mug is amazing, and I got ‘Walk on Earth a Stranger’ as well and I’m excited about it! :D Also, today, I went to the store and in the discounts section, they had a book for 0.99 cents that I remember seeing you review on your blog so I bought it! Haha! It was ‘Written in Red’ by Anne Bishop! :D

  6. Yuck I hate Taxes, my dad takes care of them for us which is a good thing but at some point I will have to deal with them myself and I just don’t want to *stomps feet* ;)

    I have to remember that this is 3 weeks worth but HOLY JEALOUSY! That is a lot of books! my library never had book sales like that. I might have to see why that is or maybe I just missed them lol

    I do hope you have a less stressful week!
    Happy Reading!!!

  7. I love library sales too! I think my library has one coming up recently too. My favorite thing is that sometimes they have ARCs, so we can get some recently published titles as well!

  8. Next year I will have to file in 2 different locations as I will be moving soon. Yuck!

    Way to make out on your library sale! That is so awesome! :)

  9. Wow, Jessi. ALL THE THINGS. I AM SO JEALOUS. My library has a wall of books on sale but they’re in terrible condition and there are NO YA. CRY.

    I hope next week goes amazing for you <33333

  10. Argh, tax season. Hate it! Well . . . until I get my refund. They are better that way. :)

    So many great books! I am excited about reading 5 to 1.

  11. Sooo many books! My library is tiny so they don’t do big sales like that, they just have $1 books everyday. But most of the good ones on sale are ones I donated, so no sense in buying my own books back! :P

  12. Taxes are such a drag. :( Sorry! We had to file a special form, the Dept of Ed gave us bad info for 6 weeks, the IRS doesn’t give a crap, so now we’re filed, but won’t see our return until the end of stinkin’ June – 3 weeks after we needed it for my husband’s brother’s wedding (so now we borrow).

    I found you, looking for the source of Life Of A Blogger (hoping to start participating). I love your blog! :) Looking forward to seeing more, and once I get my head on straight, I may have to start doing a weekly post like this, too.

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