Beat the Heat Readathon Wrap Up!

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We’re sad to see it end, but Reanna and I had fun hosting for a second year in a row! Thank  you so much to everyone who participated, and a special thank you to our wonderful mini challenge hosts: Inky, Berls, Nick, Nikki, and Rosie! You guys rock!

I also want to thank my lovely tour host Reanna for pulling most of the weight this year…I luff you lady!!

Now I’m going to share my final 3 week progress. We encourage you to do the same, we’d love to see how you all did!

3 week progress

Week 1 summary

Total # pages read this week: 459
Total time spent reading this week: 5 hrs 50 min
Books I completed this week: Deliverance, Blackbird

Week 2 summary

Total # pages read this week: 291
Total time spent reading this week: 4 hours
Books I completed this week: Trial by Fire

Week 3 summary

Total # pages read this week: 845
Total time spent reading this week: 9 hours 35 min
Books I completed this week: Illusions of Fate, Heir of Fire

Final progress

Total # pages read: 1,595
Total time spent reading: 19 hours, 25 min
All books completed: Deliverance, Blackbird, Trial by Fire, Illusions of Fate, Heir of Fire

Well, I didn’t quite meet my goal of finishing 6 books, but I made it almost 100 pages into #6 and with Heir of Fire being nearly 600 pages, I think I did pretty good anyway! 5 books is still better than how I’ve been doing the past few months :)

Final giveaway

As thanks for participating, Reanna and I are each giving away a $10 Amazon gift card! You must be following both blogs and you must have entered your link into the sign up post.
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10 responses to “Beat the Heat Readathon Wrap Up!

  1. Congrats, you did great :)

    I didn’t quite had goals, except to read as much as I can, to do updates with my reading progress & participate in some of the challenges, so I guess, I did all that & reached my goals ;)

    I finished one previously started book, read 3 more books, 1 anthology of stories & 1 novella.

    Thanks for hosting, this was fun :D

  2. Um…we obviously have different views on “pulling the weight”, since I’m pretty sure YOU did most of it ;) But it was a fun three weeks, and I’m already looking forward to the 3RD ANNUAL!!!

    And I luff you, too. You’re the bestest <3

  3. It’s too funny because I just left Reanna’s post and she was talking about how you did everything! LOL guess y’all both did more than you’re giving yourselves credit for. Either way, thanks so much for hosting! I had a blast and look forward to next year (hoping you’ll do it again)!

    I did better than I had hoped – my goal was 11 books and I got in 13 so I’m thrilled. You didn’t do too shabby yourself – a 500 page book is impressive (a few of mine were shorter books)! Here’s my updated tracking post, if you’re interested ;)

  4. I had a lot of fun participating. Thanks for hosting :)
    I met my goals and I ended up reading more than I planned. I finished one book and read five more. Plus I read six shortstories/novelas. I’m really happy with my results!

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