Heartbeat Weekly (28): I finally moved my books in!

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Tomorrow is the start of week 3 of the Beat the Heat Readathon! We’ve had several awesome mini challenges (you can find the schedule on the sign up post on the sidebar)! How is everyone doing so far?

What I’ve been up to this week:

FINISHING MY LIBRARY!! Well, mostly. I finally got around to painting and laying the floor after 2 months of putting it off. I started late on Monday night, thinking I could get the floor done real quick – I did my whole office and I already knew what I was doing so I thought it wouldn’t take very long…silly me! The floor ended up shifting on me and I didn’t realize it til I was almost completely finished. There was a big 1 1/2″ gap in the top right corner and only about 1/8″ on the top left corner, so it shifted crooked. I had to take a few rows apart to make it straight again! It sucked. Then, on top of that, I ran out of laminate! I was seriously 3 planks short and had to buy an entire new box to cover it. Thank goodness Lumber Liquidators still had my Honey Maple wood after 3 months!

Monday I packed up all my 400+ YA books so I could put them in my spare room in preparation for finishing the floor. It took 13 boxes, a suitcase, a duffle bag, a tote bag, and 2 full car loads to get them here! It was an all day task. I never want to do that again!

After finishing the floor I had the task of putting all the shelves in, including assembling my new shelf. Then came the worst part…moving all the books from the spare room into my office, putting them on the shelves, and ordering them. I tried to stick to my order when I packed them, but it didn’t work out very well. So it took me nearly 2 hours to get them the way I wanted them! I tried to make a separate space for all of my signed books at first, but I ended up not liking it. I did like having them separate and being able to see all the ones I have, but I had to separate about 6 different series and they didn’t fit right when I split them apart. So, I moved them back. *sighs* But it looks AMAZING!

photo 2-7

Notice I said mostly finished. I still have to pack and move all of my mass market paperbacks and manga, which is another 200 books. I need to get a shelf for them first, but I’m having trouble finding the right one. I don’t want to use a standard bookshelf because the shelves are spaced too far apart, so I’ve been looking for a nice multimedia shelf. I just have to make sure they will all fit on one!

Plans for the room moving forward: After ALL books are in, I want to hang frames of my book swag (see Becca’s post above!) and a hook to hang my book totes. I also want to make a separate shelf just for Julie’s books, since I have 10 of them (11 when Talon comes out!) and 2 of her clay creations. Then I want to frame the picture I took with her the first time I met her! I’ve also been looking at a wall decal of the Cheshire cat that says “I’m not crazy, my reality is just different for yours.” Oh yeah, and I bought a cover for a 2 seater bean bag chair/couch that I need to buy the filler beans for! I can’t wait til it’s completely done!!

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9 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (28): I finally moved my books in!

  1. Those shelves! *drools*
    It looks stunning, all those books just make a room! How to give a room character… just add books, tons and tons of books! It turned out great, and I love the new ideas you have planned as well!
    (as Mel said… the Alice in Wonderland quote is quite awesomesauce as well!)

  2. Your library looks amazing! GAH, SO MANY PRETTY BOOKS! Can’t wait to see it when you’re all finished – especially looking forward to see the framed swag :D That sounds like an awesome idea!

  3. *still drooling over your pretty shelves*

    Seriously. They look awesome! I am dying to see the framed swag though! It’s going to be EPIC!!! Thanks for all the post love though. It made me blush just a little bit.

    Also, fyi, I’m so jelly that you met Julie!! I realllllllly want to meet her one day!! <3

  4. THAT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST ROOM IN THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aah I can’t wait for the day I can have a beautiful library like that instead of two sagging and crammed bookshelves, that are glorious, but still crammed. :D Yay Jessi!!! :D

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