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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on July 24, 2014 | 13 Comments

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A peculiar behavioral habit.

Honestly, I don’t have many weird habits. I had trouble thinking of the few I have!

  1. I hate the sound and feel of feet (or hands) rubbing on carpet. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me and it actually makes me gag.
  2. I have a thing about ice in drinks – I never put ice in any drink, ever. I will always ask for “no ice” at restaurants.
  3. I like to pick out all the smushy fries and throw away the crunchy ones.
  4. When I have multiple things on my plate, they all have to be separated. I don’t like my food to touch. (Notice how these are all food things, ha!)
  5. hate orange and everything about it. The color, the smell, and the flavor. I wouldn’t particularly consider this a quirk, but most people I tell find it strange!
  6. I refuse to wear shorts, or anything above the knee, out in public.

That’s all I got. I probably have more than that, but I can’t think of them!

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13 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Quirks

  1. None of yours are too crazy. The weirdest to me is the food touching one, but I’ve met other people like that, so not too weird.

  2. I cannot stand ice in drinks either! Just nooo!

    My food also cannot be touching. This drives my mom nuts, since it takes me forever to fix my plate and I’m just in the way. She’s given up on snatching my plate away and fixing it for me, since I tend to freak out over it.

    I like the color orange, but oh the smell! I’m allergic to oranges, so of course I associate the smell with getting sick.

  3. OMG we’re food twinsies! I avoid crunchy fries. My food MUST be separated. And your number six is a HELL YES from me. I’m the same way :)

  4. LOL, it’s funny because I was thinking, “hmm all her quirks are food related” and then there you were saying the same thing. I used to have a big fit if my food touched – I would refuse to eat it, but I’ve grown out of that. The ice thing too, actually. I used to hate ice in my food. But now I love ice. Maybe my quirks are just changing with age I guess.

  5. You and me both for the ice! I’m ridiculous when it comes to ice. I’m forever fishing it out and putting it in my sister’s glass (hey, that’s what sisters are there for right?? take the off-casts). I hate ice attacking my face when I’m trying to drink. XD

  6. I don’t have many quirks, either, but I definitely have some. How you feel about the color orange, I feel about the color red. I just hate that color. Although I do like the taste of red foods.

    I also hate when people leave dirty dishes in the sink. I don’t mind dirty dishes on the counters, but I hate when the sink is full of stuff. Then I can’t use it!

  7. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads

    This is why we are friends: I love the crunchy fries, so we can always share :)

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