2016 Reading Bingo Challenge

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on January 6, 2016 | 10 Comments

I really enjoyed the Reading Bingo Challenge I did in 2015, so I decided to make my own Bingo Challenge for 2016! I made it completely from scratch, but I modeled it after the gorgeous reading bingo card from Random House’s website because I love theirs but wanted one of my own. (Okay, so it’s not as professional looking and epic as theirs is…but I tried.) It was a lot of fun to make and it’s definitely something I’d be interested in doing again. Feel free to grab the graphic and join in as well! I’ll add a linky for those of you who want to participate, and if I get enough people interested I’ll make it an official challenge :)

My personal goal is to get a coverall!

NH reading bingo

Jessi (Geo)

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10 responses to “2016 Reading Bingo Challenge

    • Yes ma’am, one book per square and you can’t use the same book twice! Although if you want to read multiple books for one square I suppose you could do that too :)

  1. So fun! I was totally enthused about the idea at the beginning of last year, and even made a TBR jar type thing with the categories, but then just never quite got around to doing it. This year, I’m doing Around the Year in 52 Books, which I saw on Goodreads, which is similar. I likely won’t complete all 52 challenges, but it’ll be fun to try! I love how you’ve created your own bingo card — and I bet you’ll complete “read a book with a cat” by the end of week, curled up with one of your kitties =)

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