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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on March 6, 2014 | 16 Comments

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I loooove camping!! Ever since I was little, my parents have been taking me to a little campground called Poor Farmer’s about a half hour from our house, out in the country. The past couple of summers, they’ve been going up from Thursday to Monday every single week. We’ve had campers as long as I’ve been alive! The first one we had was tiny, and to tell you the truth I barely remember it because I was still very young. Then, up until 2007, we had a 31′ Coachmen CSX. I loved it so much! I had my own bedroom with bunk beds and my own little bathroom, so it was almost like staying in a hotel any time we went camping.

Sadly, my parents sold that trailer in favor of a 39.5′ Coachmen Wyoming 5th wheel, their “retirement trailer” as they call it. I hate it, but I think I’m still holding a grudge over the fact that I no longer have a room. If I do camp in the trailer with them, I have to sleep on the horridly uncomfortable couch. It is really nice, though:

imagesThis isn’t actually their trailer, but it looks exactly like this.

The floor plan:7Coachmen_Wyoming_332RLTS

It’s basically like a house inside!2951 COACHMEN WYOMING STEPS

I haven’t been able to camp much in the last few years because I was always working weekends, so not having a room didn’t matter much anyway. The few times I was able to go, I just slept in my tent!


It’s nice and roomy. I enjoy sleeping in it when it’s warm enough!

Now, my schedule has changed and I only work Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. So I’ll definitely be able to camp more this summer, I can’t wait! It’s SO peaceful up there…great opportunity to read a book and relax ;)

As far as real camping, I’ve never done that. I’ve only ever camped where there was immediate access to a bathroom and shower if I wanted it. I’ve never camped away from civilization, with zero technology, but I would like to try someday!

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about camping and link up :)

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16 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Camping

  1. Wow, that is one camper! I’ve never gone camping with a camper. No, that’s a lie. My friend’s family had a tiny one, but I’ve always slept in tents. My friend and I slept in the camper when we were bored and looking for adventure at home though. We’d say we were going “camping” and then lug our stuff (bedding, snacks, gadgets, video games) out to the camper in the driveway. Haha. We also did the same thing with tents in the backyard.

    You guys went camping so much. I could never imagine going so often, but it sounds super fun. I think I had the means I would probably do it too. Hopefully you’ll be able to camp more this summer. :D

  2. Oh goodness, Jessi! You are such a city girl! Haha :) My family goes camping in the middle of freakin nowhere in an old army tent (with no bottom). In order to get cellphone service, you have to drive a couple miles down the road and hope for the best. (Then again, my family is VERY country – so I guess I’m just used to it. Lol)

    • Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine doing that. I would like to do it at least once, but I’m not sure about the no cell phone service thing…I could handle no electricity or shower for a couple of days but no phone? *cringes*

  3. That caravan is dang AWESOME. (But come ooooon, that’s not really camping now, is it?! XD) My parents have a caravan kind of like that, but definitely smaller. It’s really nice and cosy. But just recently we went camping and it was WAY too hot. We went in the wrong seasons, and, ick. I’m just a bit turned off camping atm. Plus…limited WiFi. What is with that?

  4. I’m not much of a camper anymore but I could definitely do it in a camper like that! I love the idea of a “retirement trailer”. Lol. For now, the kids enjoy camping in the tent in the backyard with my husband while I enjoy the fire and s’mores and stories and then sleeping in my bed with my own bathroom nearby.
    What I really want to do is get an RV someday and travel the US with the kids while they’re still young enough to think it’s an adventure but old enough to remember it.

  5. “I’ve never camped away from civilization, with zero technology, but I would like to try someday!”

    It’s a lot of fun, but you have to be prepared. Or go with someone who knows better. First time I tried it, Mom and I thought “hey, we’ll just toss some stuff in a backpack and go, it’ll be fine!” We ended up giving in early and going to stay in a hotel instead.

    I don’t camp as much as I’d like to nowadays, but I also haven’t had any camping buddies for a while. :(

  6. Haha I haven’t ever been legit camping, like in the wilderness with nothing at all, but I don’t think I could ever rough it like that! I went camping at a campsite one time and it was so gross because the bathroom was disgusting and the showers were disgusting and it was so gross, but I did like the actual camping outside bit. Lol I feel like such a spoiled rich girl writing this comment because I’m like complaining about the sanitary level of a bathroom. It just really bothers me *shudders* Fantastic topic this week, Jessi! <33

  7. Oh I so love camping! :D Normally, we have school camps and all, and at first I’m always dreading to go but in the end I just have a smashing time!! They’re so fun, always full of bonding and shared moments and all :) But in Singapore, too bad we don’t have stuff like trailers because being able to stay in one would be so AWESOME!! :D
    Heehee if you ever want to know about camping away from civilization and all, you can ask me xD We had to do field cooking with solid fuel and dig holes when you know… we’re urgent. (OOPS TO MUCH DETAIL!!) But haha that was definitely and experience! :P
    Thanks for sharing, Jessi!! <33

  8. Nikki Wang

    I went camping once but DEAR GOD it was freezing and the kids were TERRIBLE. I mean I was only like 10, but this kid was just stabbing animals and bugs left and right. Andby bugs I mean super pretty colorful caterpillars and butterflies.

  9. I prefer the caravan to the camping tents simply for the convenience that is offered. I guess I am still attached to life’s little pleasures, although it has been a while since I went outdoors. This has brought back so many good memories, I am glad.

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