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Posted by Jessi (Geo) on June 26, 2014 | 6 Comments

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Let me get this out of the way first, since we haven’t talked about sports in general: I don’t give a crap about sports, except for football. I hate baseball and soccer, and basketball is only okay if I’m watching in person. But, I loooove football! I used to watch it hardcore but then I got a job and worked EVERY weekend so I just…stopped. I miss it, but my schedule now has me working every single Sunday so I still can’t watch it.

Anyway, here are my two favorite NFL teams:

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The Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys (don’t judge)

And here is my favorite college football team:


Ohio State Buckeyes!

I’ve been a Bucks fan since high school (plus it was always the college I wanted to go to visited I saw the campus), and a Panthers fan since a couple years before they went to the Superbowl (um, that was a REALLY long time ago haha). The Cowboys fan in me is kind of inherited because my dad’s side is full of Cowboys fans so I just kinda picked it up along the way and it stuck!

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about your favorite sports teams and link up :)

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6 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Favorite Sports Teams

  1. I love football! Specifically NFL. I live in Ohio – but don’t care for any Ohio teams. Steelers fan all the way. :) Love this week’s topic!

  2. Stephanie H.

    I love sports. Football is definitely one of my favorites. I grew up just outside of the city with the University of Illinois (my mom works there). While they will always have a place in my heart, the college teams I support the most are for the schools I attended. My undergrad was a smaller school, so it’s harder to follow them, but I love watching my OSU Cowboys. I am, as I’ve always said, a born and raised Green Bay Packer fan, but ever since the Cowboys picked up Tony Romo (his senior year at EIU was my freshman year), I’ve followed the Cowboys. I watched them begrudgingly at first, but somewhere along the line I bcame a fan and now that they have 7 players from my two schools, it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon!

  3. Leah

    The Carolina Panthers are one of my favorite football teams, too! My other is Atlanta Falcons (lived 8 years in Charlotte did volunteer work at Panther Stadium and became a fan, grew up in Georgia). But, my favorite sport is baseball and my team there is Atlanta Braves. I was born a Braves fan. My college team is Charlotte 49ers because that’s where I went to school (I do cheer for UGA in some things, but NEVER against Charlotte).

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