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My top five bands, in order: 


1. Avenged Sevenfold: There is not a single piece of music they could make that I would not enjoy. I am so in love with their sound! I could listen to them all day, every day, and never get sick of it. The lead singer, M. Shadows, is my celebrity crush! I loooove the sound of his voice so hard! I’ve seen them twice in concert: In 2006 at X-Fest 11 (this is what made them my fave band – they’re epic in concert!) and last month in Cincinnati. If you didn’t already know, they’re the reason for my blog name! Hint: You can see why in my about page ;)

2. Linkin Park: These guys were my favorite band for years, until 2005 when I discovered Avenged Sevenfold via City of Evil. I could listen to every one of their albums over and over again! My love for their music has not faded at all over the years. I saw them last year in concert with Incubus, and that was the first time I ever hung out with my now-boyfriend!

3. Skillet: They have such powerful and uplifting lyrics, and I freaking love the fact their unique violin sound! I’ve seen them at least twice in concert. The first time I saw them with Thousand Foot Krutch at a local church, and I know they’ve been at X-Fest at least once. 

4. Trapt: I love Chris’s voice! They make great love songs, btw. I saw them in concert last year at a local place called McGuffy’s, and I got to meet the band and get my shirt signed! 

5. Theory of a Deadman: Same thing here: Loooove Tyler’s voice. Love their sound. I have to admit that I’m a little crestfallen after seeing them at McGuffy’s a couple months ago. I’m kind of in love with Tyler Connelly (well, I was anyway), and I was super excited that they were at McGuffy’s because it’s such a small venue and you can almost always meet the band after the show. But, I had to wait around for almost an hour before he finally came out (I had already gotten the rest of the band…they were super nice), and when I chased him down for an autograph, he brushed me off and acted like a total jerk, like I was beneath him and he couldn’t be bothered. I wanted to tell him that he was no one without his fans, but I was too shocked at his behavior! I can’t forget it, and he’s definitely lost much of his charm after that. I still love their music, though!

I’ve seen every one of my top 5 bands at least once in concert!

Other bands/artists I love are: Pendulum (if you like electronic, LOOK THEM UP. You can thank me later), Snow Patrol, Taproot (AWESOME in concert, and the lead singer took my phone to record a video from on stage!), Atreyu, Icon For Hire (got to meet Ariel – *ahem* girl crush – at a concert and I have a picture with her!), Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, Downplay, Lady Gaga, and Three Days Grace.

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone who your favorite bands are and link up! I encourage you all to participate ;)

Ideally, I want this to become meme style with many other bloggers participating so we can learn more about as many bloggers as possible! I’m sure it will take some time, but I hope you guys will be interested in joining. 

Jessi (Geo)

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24 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Favorite Bands

  1. Oh, Avenged Sevenfold. They are also the top of my list. That list only consists of two bands, but still. Hahaha. Chapter Four is also one of my favorite songs – it’s also ridiculously epic live.

    What I get from this post: we are basically musical soul sisters.

    • That’s so awesome! And Chapter Four IS epic live! When I went to see them last month in Cinci, they played a bunch of new stuff from Hail to the King and Nightmare, 2 songs from City of Evil, and I think one from their self titled, then they left. I was so disappointed…but then they came back and M was like, “I’m gonna play you a song from Waking the Fallen” so I figured it would be Unholy Confessions, right? But he was like “This song’s called…..Chapter Four.” And I started screaming like a maniac hahaha! They’re so amazing in concert, I love them so :)

  2. The only band I know from your list is Linkin Park. I’ve looked on youtube and Avenged Sevenfold would have been a band I would love when I was younger. (I was a huge fan of Kamelot, Nightwish, Within Temptation etc). Now I’m more in to Folk, like Mumford & Sons, The lumineers, Ben Howard, First aid kit and Passenger. I do like the sound of Theory of a Deadman :D

    • Ohh I like Nightwish and Within Temptation! I’ve never heard of Kamelot, I’ll have to look them up!
      I haven’t heard of most of those, but I’m not really a big fan of Mumord or the Lumineers. I tend to go for the heavier head banging stuff haha ;p

  3. AWESOME! I think we like the same music!

    Honestly I’m a little bit… behind… in the music world. I used to listen to music a lot and had my favourite bands, etc. But sometime a few years ago I just stopped keeping up with it. I still listen to music, but it’s mostly stuff I’ve had on my computer since 2005. I never download anything NEW. So I’m totally outdated.

    BUT Linkin Park is/was one of my all time faaaavourites! I also loved Avenged Sevenfold and Trapt (although I haven’t listened to either of those last two in ages). And Pendulum is another current fave! My boyfriend introduced me to them and they’re aaaaawesome.

    Let’s see, just scrolling through my totally out of date list, I also like:

    * ADELE
    * Anna Nalick
    * Eminem
    * Florence + the Machine
    * Muse
    * Tegan and Sara

    • Yay! That’s awesome that we like the same things! And I’m glad to hear that someone else knows who Pendulum is! Their album Immersion is one of my top 5 fave albums and it’s in the rotation that I listen to all the time lately (along with Waking the Fallen, Skillet’s new album Rise, and Linkin Park’s newish one).

      I haven’t heard half of those…I’ve heard of Florence & the Machine but haven’t actually heard their music. Haven’t heard of Tegan and Sara or Anna Nalick. I used to listen to Eminem too! And I absolutely loooove Muse, I can’t believe I forgot to include them in my list!

  4. So many great bands up there! You should totally check out Escape The Fate as well (if you haven’t already). They aren’t super popular but fall into similar genres as those listed up there (most of which are also my faves).

  5. Linkin Park is on my list, too :D
    And I love Monster by Skillet(:
    I promise to hear some more Avenged Sevenfold songs! I’ve just been so bust I haven’t been able to look for any new music :/
    You are so lucky to have seen so many bands. I’ve never been to a concert in my life. And now my favorite band is no longer touring
    Anyways! You saw Linkin Park and Incubus?:O It’s so cool you went with your now-boyfriend. So sweet to hang out at a rock concert ;D

  6. Awesome choices! I’m really saddened to read that about Theory of a Deadman though. They are one of my favorite bands and I did get to see them a few years ago. I would loved to have met them but judging from Tyler’s reaction, I’m not so sure now.

    • Yeah, it was such a disappointment! He definitely dropped quite a few notches on the hotness scale =/
      The rest of the band was pretty cool though. The bassist was super nice!

  7. OMG, Jessi! You’re such a rocker, girl! xD
    I love listening to music too, and I’m almost tempted to do my own post on my favourite bands too! I like listening to Linkin Park too :) But I’m more of a fluffy pop music fan xD
    So here is my list!
    – Lawson
    – Florence and The Machine
    – Ellie Goulding
    – Sara Bareilles
    We’re so different! Haha :P

  8. You have AMAZING taste in music. I love how Skillet’s on the list, too! :D I don’t really find that many people who’ve heard of them, let alone love their music. Monster’s the first song I heard by them, but I think my favorite is “Rebirthing”. Have you heard their new album yet? I haven’t and I haven’t heard much about it either :/

    Oh and I love the idea of this meme! I think I’ll participate in this week’s since I love music so much.

    • I actually got interested in them waaaay back when they were just a nobody local band and they played on my mom’s Christian TV station sometimes. I’m very pleased by the popularity they’ve gained the last couple of years! Their new album is INCREDIBLE. Seriously. It’s very uplifting and inspiring, and it gave me strength when I needed it! I definitely recommend trying it. Rise and Sick of It are especially amazing :)

  9. This is a really late comment but I just discovered your meme through another blog and OMG I love it! Totally going to take part soon. I wish I’d known before though, I love the topics you’ve already done, especially this. I ADORE all these bands! Except Trapt, which I haven’t heard of. But if their sound is like your other 4, I gotta check it out ASAP. Also, so jealous you’ve seen A7X and Skillet live in concert, I’d love to see them someday. Linkin Park is my fave band and their concert was the best one I’ve been to :)

    • Aw, thanks! If you want to participate in the old topics, you can play catch up :)
      You should totally check them out! Their song Headstrong was really popular on the radio a few years ago.
      I saw Linkin Park and they were awesome, but…I was too far away to actually see them, so I feel like some of the enjoyment got taken away. I had to watch them on a big screen because there were so many people =/
      Sounds like we have very similar taste in music!

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