#LfBReadathon Mini Challenge: The Match Game!

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2nd annual LfBR


Hey guys! First of all, thank you all SO much for joining me for the readathon! You guys rock! There’s only two more days left and I hope everyone is kicking butt. Keep sharing your progress with the hashtag #LfBReadathon!

Today the mini challenge is called the Match Game, and it’s hosted by myself and the lovely Jade from Bedtime Bookworm!


  • All you have to do is match the boys’ and girls’ names to create a couple!
  • Jade and I both picked our favorite ships – I picked 5, she picked 5, and we picked one together. (11 couples total.) In the case of books with love triangles, we picked who we wanted the person to be with, not necessarily who they actually ended up with.
  • The girls are listed on Novel Heartbeat and the boys are listed on Bedtime Bookworm. You will have to visit both blogs to find the matches.
  • Please note that there are 10 girls and 11 boys. This is intentional! One of the girls’ names will be used TWICE because Jade’s OTP is with one boy and my OTP is with the other ;D
  • Participation in this mini challenge will grant you bonus entries into the final giveaway! To get the bonus entries you must guess at least 5 couples. Entering one couple does not count!!
  • Please do not leave any answers in the comments – that’s what the Google doc is for :)

The challenge

The girls!


Jessi (Geo)

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