Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on May 22, 2014 | 10 Comments

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1. When girls wear leggings in place of actual pants
2. Rain (when it’s cold)
3. The smell of rain
4. Winter
5. The color orange
6. The scent of orange
7. Basically everything about oranges
8. When someone leaves ONE FREAKING OREO left in the package. This goes for much more than cookies
9. Bad grammar
10. Misspelling
11. TyPinG liKe tHiS
12. Books or movies out of alphabetical order
13. Cleaning
14. Slow people, especially on the road
15. Bad drivers
16. Stupid questions
17. School
18. History. And NO, I don’t “just hate my own history.” I hate the subject. It’s boring.
19. Boring books
20. Vomit
21. Spiders
22. Pine tree smell
23. Burnt out lightbulbs
24. Duck Dynasty
25. Excessive stupidity
26. Country music
27. The sound and feel of hands/feet rubbing carpet *cringe*
28. The N word
29. Baby gates
30. Crooked picture frames
31. People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom…SERIOUSLY? You’re going to touch your junk and then touch the doorknob I have to put my hand on?!
32. Being tailgated while doing 10 over the speed limit
33. Repeating myself
34. One uppers
35. Liars
36. Dogeared book pages
37. Campfire smell
38. Jersey Shore
39. The fact that so many people love #38
40. Repetitive music – case in point, NIRVANA. Okay, you’re dumb, we get it.
41. Silver Nitrate (quik-stop sticks) and the annoying brown spots they leaves on my hands for weeks
42. When people chew with their mouth open and make nasty smacking noises
43. Not having enough cereal in the box to make a whole bowl
44. Cigarette smell
45. Lazy people in the workplace
46. Picking up other people’s slack
47. The taste of dandelions
48. When someone borrows something and doesn’t return it
49. Will Farrell
50. Vegetables
51. Socks
52. Bras
53. Basically clothes in general
54. My teeth
55. Hangnails
56. My memory – if I don’t write it down, it’s gone…
57. Green banana taste
58. Stubbing my toes
59. Matted dog fur (every groomer’s worst nightmare)
60. Cheaters
61. Waking up early
62. Reality TV
63. Junk mail
64. When people think being straightforward = having an attitude
65. Backseat drivers
66. Finishing a book that ends in a cliffhanger…and the next book doesn’t come out for EIGHT MORE F**KING MONTHS
67. Clowns
68. Centipedes
69. When people are always late
70. Public bathrooms
71. Malfunctioning technology
72. When you have to poop and you have no reading material
73. Screaming children in a nice restaurant…that’s what McDonalds is for!!!
74. When my Kindle dies in the middle of a sentence
75. That stupid Milkshake song
76. When people write your instead of you’re
77. When people put a period before another form of punctuation.!
78. Fast food restaurants screwing up my order
79. Waiting
80. Maggots
81. People who complain on Facebook about people complaining on Facebook
82. Burnt food
83. Undercooked meat (bloody steak…gag)
84. Tall people blocking my vision
85. Pennies
86. Writer’s block
87. Snobby people
88. The word ‘wiener’
89. Overly sensitive people
90. Crying
91. Chick flicks
92. Immaturity
94. Drama
95. Most girls
96. When people try to make me hold babies
97. Traffic
98. Talking on the phone
99. Speaking in public
100. Writing essays/papers
101. Monkeys

Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about 101 things you hate :)

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Jessi (Geo)

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10 responses to “Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate

  1. Reality tv is just so bad, I totally agree. It’s really stupid and pointless. OH AND UGH, NIRVANA. My tolerance level for their music has gone WAY down over the years. When they’re played on the radio, I switch it immediately. Also with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    I could pretty much agree with everything you say here. Except maybe rain smell, and campfire smell. I completely forgot about clowns…I try to shove them from my memory as much as possible. I freak out at haunted houses, even though I like going to them (we have a love-hate relationship, or maybe I’m a masochist). And ugh screaming children…I don’t know if that makes me more angry or if it’s the parents who don’t do anything about it/discipline. Spoiled kids make my head spin.

    Love the list, Jessi! I feel your pain haha.

  2. I LOL at so many of these because I so agree (and forgot to list them). Hilariously, I listed the smell of rain on my love list and I’m a historian, so I guess we don’t share that in common. ;) I also hate reality tv and love that it found multiple entries on your list (I think I forgot to list it on mine, so good thing you made up for it).. #24, #25 (because that’s what reality tv is), #38, #39 (OMG YES!!!), and #60. Awesome!

  3. Shannon N.

    Hahaha, I find these lists so amusing because you never know what people have visceral reactions too!! (PS – I hate monkeys too!)

  4. So I live in Syracuse, NY. I think, based on what you hate, You would hate living here. First, our winters are brutal. That last forever (we often get snow in October – and we’ve had snow in April before, too), and we’re home of the Syracuse Orange, so the color orange is everyone. You cannot get away from it.

  5. It was really hard for me to come up with a full list, but I did it. I agree with a lot of yours. You put TyPinG liKe tHiS, which I definitely agree with, but I also Don’t Like When People Capitalize Every Word Like This. WHY?! I can’t stand when people tailgate me when I’m already over the speed limit either. SO annoying.
    Here’s my list!

  6. Your list made me giggle in several places! Although I think my favourite is “taste of dandelions.” Are they actually edible? And why did you try eating them?

    Serious kudos to you for managing to come up with 101 things… I got stuck at seven. Although, in hindsight, there’s a lot of things on your list that irk me too. I must have just been in a good mood when I was writing my list =P

  7. I used to love reality TV when I was about twelve or thirteen for some reason (especially if it had famous people I’d never heard of before). Now it’s all just the same and it sucks. And omg, yes so much to #87. I just can’t deal with snobby people!

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