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Meet my kitties!!

Gizmo, aka Gizzy: 7 years old. Likes to paw at fabric maniacally until he gets himself underneath of it. Paws at doors and cries like a kitten when I’m on the other side. Sleeps with me every night, flopping against my back. Sits in my lap when I read in my pink chair:

photo 3.PNGI feel like a bad mom for picking favorites, but this little guy is my baby! He’s very special to me! He almost never leaves my side when I’m at home, and I can’t fall asleep until he comes into the room with me (even if I have to cat-nap him!) <3

Luna, aka Lover or Lunatic: 5 years old. Plays fetch like a dog, but only on her terms (because she is of course still a cat), will groom anything near her face when you scratch her in a certain way above her tail.

Razzi, aka Prissy Princess: 6 years old. Thinks she rules the household, only likes to be petted on her terms, VERY talkative!

Oreo (I don’t have a nickname for him, but my boyfriend calls him Cookie Cat): 8 years old. Total attention whore, will swarm anyone that comes in the house with love, is a little slow but we love him anyway.

My favorite pictures of each of them:


photo 1.PNG

It is VERY rare to get them all together like this!divider

photo 2.PNG

Zenith, Dude

Meet the puppies!

Zenith, aka Z, Z-Bot or Z-Tard: 3 years old, border collie mix. So, SO crazy! She is full of energy and is definitely still a puppy at heart. Is sometimes the bane of my existence, but I love her just the same. She’s like a teenager: Only listens when she wants to. But she does know how to sit, stay (for a very short amount of time), shake, high-5, and speak. She knows how to come, but likes to run circles around mommy sometimes!

Dude, aka DudeSon: 5 years old? Lab mix. He’s technically not mine, but he’s living with me. I took him in when a friend could no longer keep him, but I’m not yet sure if it will be permanent. For now, he’s a foster dog! 

Favorite picture of Z:

 Past pets:

I’ve had many small pets like hamsters, rats, hermit crabs, and fish. I had a dog named Bear when I was little, but he died from diabetes at a young age. We had a dog named Lady that also died young because she had Parvo. So up until I got my first cat, Snickers, we hadn’t had many real pets. I think the bad luck scared my parents away from getting another. 

The first real pet that was actually MINE was Snickers:

photo 3I lost him this Valentine’s Day to kidney failure. He was only 7 years old. I still miss him :(

 Your turn! Make your own post telling everyone about your pets and link up! I encourage you all to participate ;)

Ideally, I want this to become meme style with many other bloggers participating so we can learn more about as many bloggers as possible! I’m sure it will take some time, but I hope you guys will be interested in joining. 

Jessi (Geo)

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19 responses to “Life of a Blogger: Pets

  1. AH! Kitties and Pups!! :D They’re so adorable :3 You have so many pets, how do you keep them all? :O I have 1 dog, his name is Toby, and he’s already 14, the old man! Technically, he’s supposedly the same age as me ;) He knew, but forgot, how to sit, shake hands and lie down. He used to jump through hoops too before he got too old and went blind :( Oh I should just put this all in a post, shouldn’t I? :O I really really should join in! ;)
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jessi!! :D

    • Thank you! And they’re a handful but it’s a beautiful disaster ;)
      Aw, that’s so awesome! I wish I could have grown up with a dog that way. And yes you should put it in a post and link up :D

  2. Aww your pets are so cute!! You’re lucky that you have so many. :)

    I just have one cat named Willow but he’s in America and I’m in the UK :( I miss him SO MUCH! Whenever I’m in California he always sleeps with me and he’s like my shadow. He’s literally like a dog. He cannot be alone, he must always be in a human’s presence, when you leave the room he follows, and when we eat dinner he jumps up on the spare chair at the table to sit with us.

    Some of my favourite pics of him <3

    • Aw he’s adorable! I love those kind of cats, that’s how my Gizzy is! He sleeps with me every single night and is always somewhere in the same room as I am. I can’t imagine leaving him behind for so long, that has to be so hard :(

      Thanks for sharing the pics, he’s beautiful! <33

  3. YOU HAVE CATS! Aww they’re SO cute! Gizmo looks so cozy curled up in your chair! love cats, but unfortunately, my mum wont allow me to keep any, so whenever I see someone who has acats for pets, I go all emo :D. I’m so sorry about Snickers (love the name!), and Bear and Lady. I had no idea dogs could get diabetes :(

    You’re so lucky! Im sure there’ll always be something warm and soft to cuddle up with when you need some comfort :)

    • Thank you! Aww that would be awful :( I can’t imagine not having kitties in my life after 8 years with them, but I know what it was like when my mom wouldn’t let me have any. It took YEARS of begging to be allowed to have Snickers! Then I kind of just brought home the others without permission >.> They were pissed, but they fell in love with them too!
      Yeah, isn’t it strange? They can have almost any health issue that we can. I work at a vet hospital and we get plenty of diabetic pets come in that get insulin shots!

  4. I love this post! I think I went “Awww” a few too many times, I just love animals so much. I just have 1 – my Taco Terrier Buffy. We’ve had her a little over a year and I can’t imagine life without her. I have to dog-nap her when it’s time for bed sometimes, because I also can’t sleep without her. So sorry about Snickers, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I lose Buffy, so I know that had to be rough – especially since Snickers was your first pet that was really yours (like Buffy is too me). I hope to join in on this starting with the New Year.

    • You’ll have to fight me for them first! ;D

      Bahaaa heck yeah! If I lived by myself there’d be no one to stop me from adopting all the adorable kittehs. Oh boy, my boyfriend is in for some fun when we move in together! I suppose I should learn to control myself…

    • That’s awesome! I had a guinea pig for like 4 years that my friend found on the side of a road (weird, right?). She called me and was like, “Hey we found this hamster on the side of the road and we don’t know what to do with it, so we figured we’d bring it to you since you’re an animal person!” and when she showed up at my door I was like, “Uhhh…that’s not a hamster!” Haha. Her name was Comet, she was a cutie!
      Ivan is a perfect name for a Russian Blue :D
      Kittens are such a joy, I hope you can get one! Puppies are adorable but a bit of a pain haha. Z was a little nightmare when she was a puppy! As long as you work on training though, they’re awesome to have :)

  5. you have such adorable kitties! I can’t wait to meet them, hopefully for real sometime!! XD. They’re so pretty! The dogs too!

    Too bad I’m slightly allergic to them.
    <33 Inky

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