My Top 5 Most Anticipated 2015 Movies

Posted by Jessi (Geo) on December 3, 2014 | 12 Comments

Movies are a subject I’m almost as passionate about as books. I don’t talk about them nearly enough on here, since this is technically a “book blog.” But I want to be able to discuss everything I’m interested in on my internet space, so I may start doing some more non-bookish things. (Who knows!)

Without further ado,

The top five 2015 movies I’m DYING to see!

Jurassic World movie poster Seventh Son movie poster Jupiter Ascending movie poster Age of Ultron movie poster Mockingjay Part 2 movie poster 

1. Jurassic World

GUYS, I have been waiting 13 years for this movie. THIRTEEN. YEARS. I was OBSESSED with the Jurassic Park movies when they came out, and to this day they’re still some of my favorite movies! I have seen them countless times, and I still remember how excited I was when Jurassic Park 3 came out in theaters. So, hearing that there is going to be a fourth movie was very exciting indeed! It’s like a piece of my childhood reborn! *nostalgia* I will definitely be seeing that one in IMAX 3D :)

My major worry is that they will rely too heavily on CGI instead of animatronics, which is what made the older movies’ dinosaurs look so realistic. And the hybrid thing kind of worries me, too. It could either be really good, or really really bad. PLEASE DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME.

2. Seventh Son

THAT TRAILER. The visuals look amazing. Love me some fantasy! Also, I freaking love Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.

3. Jupiter Ascending

The visuals and concept are are INCREDIBLE!! Oh my gosh, I could watch this trailer over and over again. I looove sci-fi!

I’m not a fan of Mila Kunis, though. I didn’t care for her in That 70’s Show, and I always found her to be annoying. But, I did really like her in Book of Eli, and she did a great job in Oz. So we will see!

4. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

I am totally onboard with all these epic Marvel movies! The Avengers was probably my favorite (until Guardians of the Galaxy) and I’m very excited to see where they go with it! Ultron looks/sounds SO BADASS. Although I’m a little worried about the fact that they’re all fighting each other…
(I should have expected this. My fiancé is an avid comic reader and has talked briefly about some spoilers regarding that. BUT STILL.)

5. Mockingjay Part 2

I loved Catching Fire SO much!! As my favorite book of the series, I was blown away by how well they did transferring it to a movie. Then, I was equally impressed after seeing Mockingjay Part 1! I can’t wait to see the conclusion of the series on the big screen. View Spoiler »


Honorable mention:

Insurgent movie poster

Jessi (Geo)

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12 responses to “My Top 5 Most Anticipated 2015 Movies

  1. Great list. I love all the Marvel movies. Disney has done well for that movie brand. I’m hoping that will follow to Star Wars. I hope that Jurassic World will be good and doesn’t become Lost World, because that would be bad.

  2. Seventh son is new to me, but it’s now on my to-watch list. It looks AMAZING. Fantasy is everything to me. Jupiter Ascending, funny. I like Mila, but I’m not a fan of Channing :p The trailer looks pretty cool, I need to keep an eye on this. AVENGERS. I CAN’T WAIT! I’m in love with the Marvel universe. I have yet to see Mockingjay part 1, but I’m excited and already can’t wait for part 2. I think they will destroy me – for the same reason as your spoiler.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Seventh Son before but it looks awesome! I pretty much want to see the rest of these right now (maybe not Insurgent..) except for Jupiter Ascending. I’m very … hesitant for that one. I don’t think it’s a good sign they moved the release from a Summer blockbuster release to February… So I’m very cautious for that one. But yeah the rest of course. Mockingjay, Jurassic World and duhh, Avengers!!

  4. Sam

    I’m also looking forward to the second Avengers movie. And I already can’t wait for Mockingjay Part 2!! I also LOVED Catching Fire and thought Mockingjay Part 1 was on par with Catching Fire. I only wish they would have used the director they are using now for The Hunger Games!
    And you should totally talk about things other than books if that’s what you want to do! I recently started sharing nail designs on my book blog and I’m glad I did. :)

  5. I had forgotten about Seventh Son and Jupiter Rising! I’m not a huge fan of Channing Tatum, but it just looks AWESOME.

    I’m 90% sure I won’t be seeing Mockingjay part 2 in theaters for that exact reason O_O I’m going to be a mess!

  6. Fantastic choices!! I am SOOO FREAKING EXCITED for Jurassic World! The Jurassic Park movies are some of my favourites ever, even the third one which a lot of people didn’t like. I STILL LOVE IT!!

  7. OOOOOH AVENGERSSSSS. I’m ecstatic to see that, and of course the final movie of The Hunger Games! BAAAAH because I still haven’t finished Mockingjay! I saw part one last weekend and so many feels…..Catching Fire was my favorite of the series too! I’m just blown away by the arena and what happened. Jurassic World is actually news to me! I LOVE DINOSAUR MOVIES. And oh boy, Insurgent. I saw the trailer at the theaters!

  8. Jurassic World and Avengers? Yes! Just yes! I can’t wait to see Avengers and I am totally seeing Jurassic World in theaters. I loved Jurassic Park and The Lost World. The Jurassic Park movies weren’t always entirely accurate when compared to the books but they’re still entertaining and well… DINOSAURS.

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