Obsidio Book Signing Recap

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Last month I had the amazing opportunity to take a small road trip up to Chicago to attend the Anderson’s stop of the Obsidio tour and I had SO much fun!!

I took Friday and Saturday off of work to go up. Aaron and I left early Friday morning to make the 6 hour drive. We arrived around 3 pm to our hotel and checked in – and the hotel was crazy nice! It was at Hilton – I didn’t pay a whole lot for it but it was fancy! It had a huge atrium with a nice dining area, elevators, a gym, a pool, and even a hot tub (which we weren’t there long enough to use but oh well). The bed was super comfortable for a hotel (I usually HATE hotel bedding but theirs was amazing) and the bathroom was insanely fancy! We were really pleased with the room. It had a sitting area and a separate bedroom, a little bar area, and the bathroom was HUGE. The shower was tiled and fancy looking. We did have some annoying neighbors – kids screamed next door to us most of the night and the people above us sounded like a freakin’ herd of elephants rampaging around at all hours. And the breakfast was stupid expensive, like $20 a person? What happened to free continental breakfasts?!

Anyway, we got there early enough to take a nap for a couple of hours before we had to leave. I had a bunch of Instagram friends going – Rachael (@redrchl.reads, the owner of Flickering Tales candles), Nicole (@fearyourex, reps for Rachael and me), Meghan (@bookloverinblue), and Natasha (@_literary_dreamer_) – and we made plans to go to dinner. We met up at a little pizza place nearby and got to hang out and chat for a bit!

Eventually we meandered over to the bookstore and found a place to sit. We were lucky enough to get some of the last seats toward the back – tons of people had to stand because it was so packed!

The signing was absolutely amazing! This was my third time seeing Jay and Amie together, and they have amazing chemistry. They are always so entertaining and hilarious! I waited WAY too long to write this recap, so unfortunately I forget a lot of things they talked about *hides in shame* but here are a few things I DO remember:

  • Jay and Amie initially met over taxes, and one thing led to another. They joked that they were probably the only people to ever thank the IRS and actually mean it.
  • While they both helped supplement most of the characters and story as a joint effort, it was Jay that was responsible for all of AIDAN’s parts. (To no one’s surprise – Amie: “I’m not that crazy” BAHA)
  • The only thing they disagreed on was the ending of the series. Jay had a “burn it all down” mentality about the way it would end (again, to no one’s surprise XD) and Amie wanted a semi-happy ending. In other words, we can thank Amie for the characters we love surviving!
  • They are going to be writing another series together! HURRAH!
  • This one isn’t new for me but I’ll include it anyway: Jay and Amie get mistaken as husband and wife all the time, to their horror. When in fact they are actually happily married – to OTHER people.

Okay that’s all I got. They talked for like an hour or so and all I have is 5 bullet points. I suck.

It was also hilarious because people kept walking past the big window that Jay and Amie were sitting in front of and doing a double take – we couldn’t figure out if it was just curiosity as to why so many people were crammed into a bookstore, or if they thought Jay was Dave Grohl.

The signing line took forever! Jay and Amie are talkers so everyone got a fair opportunity to get some face time with them. Which is AWESOME! Some big signings I’ve been to have been rushed so you didn’t have that chance. The bookstore had said they’d only personalize one book, but they thankfully personalized everything anyway. BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING.

I brought a candle from the shop for each of them – Death Blooms for Amie and Blade of the Church for Jay. They said they liked them, hopefully they weren’t lying lmao! Jay recognized me and gave me a fist bump (the second time I went to see him he recognized me, even remembering that I was wearing an Avenged Sevenfold shirt the first time I ever met him *dies*). AND he asked what I thought about A7X’s new album, so he still remembered I was a fan! EEEK! -Insert hardcore fangirling here-

I also got to meet Brittany, the owner of Novelly Yours candles! It was cool to have three candle makers all in one place. I think it was about 10 or 11 by the time we finally left the bookstore. We got up the next morning and had a goodbye breakfast with the ladies before we headed back home.

Basically, I had an AMAZING time. (Aaron says he had fun too even though I always feel like I’m dragging him to these things) I had so much fun meeting all those amazing bookstagram ladies and hope to have the opportunity again in the future!

What I got signed:

  • Obsidio
  • Godsgrave paperback (had bookplate but I’m picky lol)
  • Godsgrave ARC
  • Unearthed
  • My phone case

From left to right: Emily (I think?), Meghan, Nicole, Kaylene?, Rachael, me (hiding in the back like a loser lol), and Natasha, with all of our books

Jessi (Geo)

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2 responses to “Obsidio Book Signing Recap

  1. WOW!! I have never been to a signing, so I loved reading your post. As well as the fact that I just recently won a set of signed hardback copies of the Illuminae series, with a small booklet of LifeL1K3,so I really wanted to see this. What a lucky gal you are!!And I love candles, so I totally enjoyed reading this and I think you rock!!

  2. I was so mad I didn’t bring my Starbound books with me (I went to the Princeton, NJ stop). I have it signed by Spooner and would have loved to have both signatures. You were so smart to bring all your books. Sounds like it was a fun little trip.

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