Heartbeat Weekly (98): Three month haul (again…oops)

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Mid May – June haul


  • Owlcrate March “Sailors, Ships, & Seas” box (bought leftover box for $15!)
  • Fairyloot June “Elementalists” box
  • Nerdy Post SJM box



  • Nerdy Grl Designs: Sailor Moon set, Maui & Moana, Hades, Gamora, Blue & Ronan, Octavia Blake, & Niffler magnetic bookmarks; 3 regular sized bookmarks

From the publisher

  • Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff (EEEEEE!!!) – for review

Promo items (Instagram)



July haul

Fox & Wit box and Girls Made of Snow and Glass were duplicated from the previous month’s haul. Oops!


  • Fairyloot July “Tricksters” box
  • Damask skull book sleeve from MyBookZleeves
  • Various temporary tattoos from Bookmark’d Tattoos


  • LemonCakes Candle Co: Ley Lines, Potions Class, Herbology Class, Divination Class, Mad as Her Master


Rep stuff

  • White brick backdrop from Mini Backdrops (not pictured)
  • BiblioFlames candles: Akiva, Bertie Botts, A Flick & A Swish, Daemon Black, Raven King, Witchcraft & Wizardry, Bibliomania & bookmarks


Birthday gifts:

THANK YOU KATIE AND MADDIE!! You guys are the best!! <333


  • AIDAN candle by Meraki – THANK YOU AGAIN HOPE!!
  • Flame candle by Meraki from Fairyloot
  • A Cat With a Grin & Niffler from @candleschezmelodie on Instagram (thanks for the trade Melodie!)
  • The Burrow & The Trees Speak Latin from Fictional Flames (thanks for the trade Mel!)



August haul so far



Epic Book Outlet haul:

I spent right around $90 on 24 books! I cheated and ordered twice during the sale to get the discount twice since shipping was free ;)


  • As Travars mirror from OwlCrate’s Wanderlust box (traded)
  • First We Were IV swag & signed bookplate – won from the author! Thanks Alexandra!!
  • The Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero & Fangirl tote – from Katie @readerrewind! THANK YOU AGAIN KATIE YOU’RE THE BESTEST EVAA

From the publisher


What I’ve been up to

I’ve been SO busy. It’s just perpetual business anymore. *sigh*

Guys, I’ve basically come to terms that I may never come back to blogging full time. Let’s face it, probably not at this point. (I’m pretty sure like two people will even read this anyway. At this point these recaps are just for my own records.) I’m way behind on reviews and I’m letting my obligations slip too. I just don’t have spare time anymore with a full time job and the candle shop on the side. I basically never have time to read anymore – when I do have free time I don’t have any energy or motivation for much of anything. I barely post photos on bookstagram anymore either. I can’t keep up with both bookstagram and the blog – and between the two I would choose the former =/

I’ll still post reviews from time to time, but again – mostly for my own records and to keep up with publisher stuff.

What’s in your mailbox, loverlies? Link me up!

Jessi (Geo)

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9 responses to “Heartbeat Weekly (98): Three month haul (again…oops)

  1. What an awesome book haul! I’d love to hear what you think of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, personally I loved it! I also know how you feel about blogging, I’ve found that I just don’t have the time for it now days, and when I do get some free time – I never know what to post, so I end up posting book hauls constantly. Lol. Anyways, I love your blog and look forward to your posts, even though I don’t comment! Why not check out my recent posts? :) I’ve gotten some awesome books recently.

    • I’m super excited to read Fangirl! And yeah, it honestly sucks. It used to be such a huge part of my life and now it’s barely a passing thought :( That’s literally all I post anymore. I’m about 10 reviews behind because I got out of the habit of reviewing a book right after I read it. *sigh*

  2. Oh nice haul!! The past few months were good to you! Sorry to hear you may leave the blogging world, but it happens. But when blogging feels like a chore it’s always best to step back. As long as you still enjoy blogging however little or lot you want to do, that’s the way to do it! Hope you enjoy your new reads among the ones you still need to read! :D

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I’m sorry there isn’t time left for your blog (or bookstagram). It’s good to hear your candle business is doing well. Have you tried audiobooks? I’m trying to do more listening while I’m working on things.

    • Thanks Charlie! I keep meaning to listen to audiobooks when I work, but honestly I have trouble concentrating on both things at once. Audiobooks are something I can only really do when driving or doing something mindless that I don’t need brainpower for XD

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